Monday, November 30, 2009

quick update - doctor trip

Well, I am off hcg as of last night at 9pm. I eat for 72 hours the 500 calories.

I get to eat various things of course on the cruise. I get 5 'tickets' to cheat on good items. So I have to choose well what I cheat on. Either the cake or the drink. hehe. I have a couple meals that I will want to extend myself on a little bit, but it looks like over all it should be fine!

I got blood work done several weeks ago, and I got my results. My blood sugar has come down a bit, my vit D has gone up. My cholestorol has gone down! I'm healthier!! :) YEAY! In 110 days I was able to go from a crap machine to a fairly healthy blood work! :) YEAY! I can't believe my Vit D went up though.

So then I went to my mom's house, she gave me one of her shirts. It fit. Yeay! Went to costco to get medium cami's :D Now to sew the crotch of all my underware to get some more milage out of them. :P Sorry TMI but I need to make some things last so I am not buying underwear every month. No one sees them! LOL. I am going to try to sew my pricy linen pants that my mom bought for me for next year (before my diet) and now I am too small for them. So off I go to sew!! :)

R1P2: Day 111 (72 hour count down)

Weight: 218.4 lbs
Loss of: .8
Total Loss: 65.4 lbs

So I have been on this protocol for 110 days. Today I am starting my 72 hours. I took it last night at around 9pm. I know it was before then, but I wasn't aware I wasn't going to take some this morning. I did the math. I can start eating p3 on Thur. I leave on Friday. So I wanted more time, but it snuck up on me.

I go to the doctor today and find out my plan for the cruise. I'm going to ask for 1 drink at least. And some 'fun' dishes that will definatly be a cheat. I want to try Foie Gras and some dishes I actually wouldn't buy myself. ANd doesn't Foie Gras in resturant go for like 25-50 bucks per plate? I mean the good stuff? Maybe more? heh.

So there are some things I want to take advantage of, and I will work my butt off to make the weight deal. I know I am setting the hypothalamus but come on. Sunday after the cruise I am loading on junk and going back on the protocol!

WEll, gotta go. We drive from Oly to Kirkland. And those who know this area know that it is like 50 miles. :P But I'm so in love w/ my doctor I will go to the ends of the earth to be w/ her! :) She is AWESOME!

anywho. Have a great day folks!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

R1P2: Day 110

Weight: 219.2 lbs
Loss of: 1.2
Total Loss: 64.6 lbs

Check out my weight. No seriously, go look. Guess what. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. :) I'm under the 220 mark! :D HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

We will see how it goes tomorrow since it seems these big things always creep up for a few days before I really get to hold onto such a landmark.

Yes, it's 19.2 lbs from a real big milemarker, but to see my self in the teens. Something like being 119. But a lot heavier. ;)

I did normal yesterday. I did an excellent Asparagus soup. Take your serving of asparagus, and chicken and blend it after you cook it. It's really good. My husband Mr P3, said that adding sour cream to it brings it to a WHOLE new level. :)

I drank my 4 liters of water and had my 6oz of apple at the end of the day. I actually slept earlier. I was so tired and I took the opportunity to go to bed, instead of trying to wake myself up to watch tv w/ the husband. I told him we should just go cuddle.

Have a wonderful day! Enjoy the last day before the week starts again!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

R1P2: Day 109

Weight: 220.4 lbs
Loss of: .8
Total Loss: 63.4 lbs

No one breath! You, over there, I see you breathing!

If we don't spook the scale till I go on my cruise we should all be fine! ;) So I hit my 30 lbs for the cruise mark. I got it, even after I said "screw it" :) YEAY! I am still going to rejoice in a goal I threw away! Because I am human!

It's all gravy now, fat free, p2 gravy if I continue to slide! Which I hope I do. I got my water in pretty late last night, ate an apple pretty late as well, and I still lost. I feel proud. I also was expecting the 'after thanksgiving weight' to show up the day after. Sometimes I see people lose, then gain again couple days after the cheat. So I was prepareing myself for that.

So we went to costco yesterday to pick up Chicken Tenders. No clue why, but same brand chicken, different cut (tenders vs breast) seem to provide me w/ better losses. Or it could just be incidental. But my husband firmly believes that it's the chicken tenders that show better weight loss.

Then I got new undies.. AT COSTCO! I can shop clothes at costco! I could do socks, but that's cheating. I bought undies in a size Large. They are cozy. heh. I bought 2 Large camis, they are actually going to be too big for me! I need MEDIUM! The only thing I had that was a medium was a drink at the local resturant! Happy Happy!!

My husband got me a winter coat. Not the big puffy kind, but a SMALL slender (okay L size but still) looking white coat. I can just wear it, and zip it up. It should fit just fine by Xmas. It's... cozy.. right now.

I go to my doctors on Monday to find out what the plan is. I love losing weight. I remember Mary's Rant and Rave... Oh, she has changed it. But anyways, Mary talks about the feeling of loosing then eating. I share that feeling right now.
I want to get off of the hcg on Monday to try to stablize a little at home before the cruise, but what if I could be 5 more lbs lighter? Though honestly I would go off of hcg for less. heh. I would rather try stabilization for 3 lbs trade. Not going up 3 lbs mind you. heh. I'm scared of stabilization. Some people have mentioned that being on p2 for a LONG time will make stabilization harder.

I think after Xmas I will see if the doctor could have me take 1 week breaks till I get to my goal weight, just to practice stabilization!

Btw: GO CAITLIN! YOU CAN DO IT! She is back onto P2. I know Nikki will be joining us soon as well! :)

Here is to good losing women! We can do it!

Friday, November 27, 2009

R1P2: Day 108

Weight: 221.2 lbs
Loss of: 1
Total Loss: 62.6 lbs

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope everything happened as planned, and those unexpected things that did happen came with a relaxed smile! I hope everyone stuck to their plan, even if it was to enjoy eating! Enjoy friends! Enjoy the moment of the Holiday. :)

So I lost a lb for today. As my husband said- we will see tomorrow!

I cheated!!! I cheated for the first time on this diet. I mean a real cheat.

I had my rosemary chicken, I had 5 oz of roasted cauliflower, THEN I added a tablespoon of cranberry sauce I made (no sugar), A spoonful of p3 green bean casserole, 3 pumpkin seeds, a tiny tiny bite of a yam (first time actually), red cabbage and then p3 pumpkin pie, one square inch of it w/ a little unsweetened self made whipped cream! mmmmmm. I was satisfied.

Then I ate 1/2 of all that and kept it for later and ate 2 apple slices before bedtime. I even went to bed late because I couldn't sleep. I lost a whole pound. I excepted a 5 lb gain. I had to mentally prepare myself. Then I was like, okay maybe a 1.6 gain would be good. I will see what happens tomorrow!

I feel pretty good. We don't normally do Black Friday. I just sit home and wish I was in the chaos but I'm happy I'm not after seeing the shopping on the news. I need to go check the news. I love watching all the excitement, but not the tragedy that normally can happen with crazy shoppers. :( I am hoping for good times today for the shoppers and employees that have to manage this chaos!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

R1P2: Day 107

Weight: 222.2 lbs
Loss of: 1.2
Total Loss: 61.6 lbs


I gotta love that number. 222222's :) heh. I dropped weight, yeay! Now I will gain all that back eating today. :P It's a little scary.

I stayed up late last night preparing mini p3 pumkpin pies. I got a p3 bean casserole ready for the oven and I made the hubby a little apple pie, p3. We got eggs ready to devil today. House is clean except for my desk - which is in the living room, Which I'm suppose to be working on right now. But I wanted to shout out to my peeps! :)

Thanks for all your warm wonderful comments! So encouraging. It's nice to write, but it's even nicer when you know others are reading and encouraging!

I bought me some sexy shoes that I am wearing tonight. HEELS! But w/ a chunky heel. I'm wearing a skirt that looks awesome w/ a cute top that actually looks better on me now then when I was heavier. But it was a 'fat shirt' when I bought it. :P Go figure. I bought cute earings to go with my outfit. I feel all set for today! It's T minus 2.5 hours till people come and I'm oddly calm. Hmmmmmmmm. What am I missing that I forgot?? :)

Well, have lots of fun, Look the sexiest you ever have! (We are all thinner now then last year I bet!!) And really enjoy yourself. Listen to your body and enjoy nibbles of foods and eat quality and not quantity! :) Really enjoy EVERY bite you take!!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

quick update - Rant

I'm done w/ goal setting. As in "I want to lose 15 lbs in a month."

The hcg is working for me, I have been at my thinnest in 8 years. Almost to my thinnest in 10 years. THis works! I will not fight it by setting goals.

As I said to my husband. If we let the energy come into our body and lead us, we will find success, but if we start taking that energy and directing it we will only mess ourselves up.

I'm letting the energy of the hcg come into my body and trust it to do the right thing. I will become thin! I AM focused. I haven't cheated on this diet and I am 60 lbs lighter. I'm doing VERY well. It will happen at the speed in which it was intended to work.

I wanted to lose 30 lbs before the cruise. I have lost so much body size it's ridiculous. I'm happy, but the only thing that makes me unhappy is when I get onto the scale and see "I am not close to my arbitrary goal"

I think these weight goals are for non-hcg'ers who need to focus and force themselves to be good. I'm lucky. I don't have to work as hard on this diet. It will come to me as long as I follow the directions, which I have done!

I just had to say that because I was so caught up in the stupid "I'm not reaching my goals, should I even bother eating tomorrow?" YES! I am going to relax, listen to my body (Thank you Nikki) and enjoy tomorrow. I won't go overboard, but I will enjoy myself with little nibbles here and there just see what 'real food' ;) tastes like! Darned be the scale, a day of supervised nibbling won't set me back into a size 26!! Or even a size 22! So there!!


R1P2: Day 106

Weight: 223.4 lbs
Loss of: GAIN .4
Total Loss: 60.4 lbs

THE H#((!!! What in the world. Down .8, up .4, stay, stay, down .8, up .4 :P I'm done with this teeter totter scale! :P

I have no clue what exactly what is going on. I'm scared about "cheating" tomorrow but screw it! I'm doing it. If I am so good I'm going forward as planned! I was hoping to get my cruise goal. That goal is still in the back of my head, but I"m giving it up at this point. STupid goal! I am losing weight and I will continue to lose weight on a regular basis w/ hcg. No doubt about it, so I am not going to push it for better results since it's been going down down down! :)

OKay, I am fitting into clothes so I am LOSING INCHES! I fit into the clothes, and I won't grow out of it in the wrong direction either. If anything, some things are getting better fitting and some I'm outgrowing. So I'm not totally upset.

Okay, I got a satisfactory amount of bags sewn yesterday, hubby got a lot of stuff done like arrange the garage to put more crap in! YEAY! So now, blaring the Xmas toons (what do turkey day songs sound like?) and really scrubbing the downstairs for guest! :)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

R1P2: Day 105

Weight: 223 lbs
Loss of: .8
Total Loss: 60.8 lbs

Really a lost of .4 from my previous lowest weight. :) Wow. WOW.. I just saw that I am 3 lbs away from being out of the 220's forever. That will be almost to my 10 year low! :D

I actually feel the size 2 chico shirt I bought a while back is getting a little loose on me, but it's okay. My parents are always "baggy is good" I think they are so used to be being so fat that tight means gross. :P lol

My husband informed me I lost my glasier slide over my knees are disappearing. :D He said that the fat above my knees started to slide over my knees. I just wanted to vomit. That is SO FREAKING gross. I hate my thighs so much. They are GROSS! But the rest of me I can deal with, especially 60 lbs lighter. ;)

Only 90 more lbs to go. :D

So, I made a cranberry sauce and it's easy my HCG folks!!

Thank you: Fresh cranberry sauce recipe

4 cups fresh or frozen cranberries
2 Tbsp stevia powder (more or less to taste)
1-1/2 cups water

Mix all ingredients in a 4 quart saucepan on the stove. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until all sweetener is dissolved. Bring to a boil and cook until skins burst, about 5 minutes. Serve warm or refrigerate.

Makes 8, approx. 1/2 cup servings.

We used about 15 drops of stevia liquid plain. It was okay, you do taste a bit of the stevia aftertaste, but come on. P3 cranberries that are made from your stove and not a can w/ high frutose Syrup! :) YEAY!

I have finished roasting pumpkin seeds. YEAY!

I am going to make a p3 bean casserole, and I think at this point to make it easier I will make some nice caramelized onion to mix into the mix. I'm using real sour cream with other stuff, I don't have it around me right now. :P

I have a friend who is trying to lose weight. She lost 250 from the stomach surgery, but it is slowly not working as well as she wants it to for the last X lbs. I think she wants to lose another 100. So she was going to do the lap band. I told her to think about HCG. She knows 3 people on it, me and my other 2 friends. I think she will like it more, then take the money to do some cosmetic surgery for the extra skin she already has. I think she will be so much happier doing hcg then going through another surgery. I really hope she has the support and goes forward with it. They are seriously concidering it, but have to talk to some more support people. I need to find out how she would do it since she has had the stomach surgery. The Gastric Bypass. I know I have read about a bunch of others doing it.

Today I am sewing like a mad woman. I forgot that Friday is "Black Friday" and so I am trying to make a gob of dice bags in Regular, Small and TINY size. :) Wish me luck. I have about 11 small bags in black velvet (panne- a bitch to work with at times. Sorry about the language, but sewers will understand) and I hope to get about 40 of the regular sized bags out. 20 of the black and 20 of the other mixed colors.

Dice bags are like dresses, you need one in every color, and you always need the little black dice bag! :) LIke you always need the perfect little black bag! :)

anywho, Enough goofing off for me, Back to work. I solicited my husband to help me get ready to host the TUrkey Day event! :P He has put in so much work. But I'm still wipping him! I told him he gets a back rub for his efforts tonight! If he puts in a real GOOD effort I will get more creative. ;) Teeheehee.

Later! Good losing or maintaing! wishing everyone a sucessful day in every endeavor.

Monday, November 23, 2009

R1P2: Day 104

Weight: 223.8 lbs
Loss of: Gain of .4
Total Loss: 60 lbs

Grumble grumble. I gained. I did good yesterday. I did go to bed VERY late last night trying to figure out some excel spreadsheet formulas. I woke up a little earlier today. I am so taking a nap when I can! :)

I took a lick from the cranberry p3 sauce. It wasn't enough to make it worth ANYTHING. That couldn't be it could it? Sigh.

W/ the way things are going it just might be my body dealing. I want to take a day off from the hcg, but I haven't decided yet if I am going to go w/o on Wed. I think I will, just enjoy some extra foods and say PHTHTHTHTh to the scale right now. Screw it. I'm thinner then I was 2 months ago by a LOT and so I am proud of that. I WILL lose the weight at some point if I stick on task. I know I will. So I need to stop stressing about the numbers.
I did that to myself. THe whole "lose 30 lbs before the cruise' crap. I have the clothes I am taking on the cruise, and i fit into it, and in 2 weeks I will fit into it better. I'm already sort of small for the nice shirt I bought. :P I wonder if I can take it back for a smaller size. snicker. It's the funniest thing. I got into a Chico's size 2 shirt, now the darned thing is too big. I think it's a 'big' size 2 because my mom is a size 2 and she is NOT fat at all. She is near my goal weight.

I'm a bit bummed because I gained and didn't drop, but at the same time I am physically doing fab! :) My size 22 jeans are lose on me and I can now fit into the size 20. I'm good in that area. I also got to fit into a tight skirt I had. Just to find out it's not a flattering look on me, which is totally fine, I just was happy to fit into it. Last week I was sucking in to almost close it. :P LOL.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

R1P2: Day 103

Weight: 223.4 lbs
Loss of: .6
Total Loss: 60.4 lbs

Morning ladies! I reached my 60 lb mark. :D yeay! It does seem like I am fighting for each lb. I don't know it seems that I only get 1 great week per month. heh. :P when my body aligns itself and the hormones stay at bay. Grumble. But hey, I'm thinner! I fit into things that are smaller, I managed to get myself into an XL pant at Marshalls. and I know i can now wear the L/XL shirts in stores! :) yeay!

I slept in today a bit, but still tired. I got Makeup and pants yesterday. Very happy about that. Now it's time to really get ready for Thanksgiving this week. I dreampt that I went to a Halloween party right before Turkey Day and I was going to cheat and keep it clean for Turkey Day.

I'm too scared to cheat on TD and want to keep it clean, but at the same time if I do cheat I could kick start my body. I don't know. I'm scared. I've been on this diet so long that I feel like it just would be too wrong to eat normal food. I'm terrified of the cruise, but my doctor has a plan, but it does include 2 weigh in's a day. :P I weigh more at the end of the day and then do okay when I wake up. Like yesterday. Last night I weighed in at 226 at bed time, and now I'm 223.4 so I think it's going to be added stress and I won't sleep well. I will need to discuss this with her next week when I see her. Yes, I'm a worry wort.

anywho. I got fresh cranberries, I'm going to try to make a cranberry sauce that is p3! :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

quick update - clothes and makeup

I got a pair of active pants at marshalls. 8 bucks for XL pants!! :) I shopped in XL! :) PANTS! :D :D They look so sexy on me, (for a fat person) and my husband noticed that I have a butt cheek, and not just a butt that tapers into my thighs. LOL. YEAY SEXY FEELINGS!

I also did the E.L.F. Makeup. I feel so freaking sexy. I got some lip gloss. I look good in the browns, even brown'ish lip gloss. mmmmm sexy! :) I got their little 5 dollar makeup eye shadow pack. So many of the colors are PERFECT for all occations. Mostly the browns, looks awesome on me! :) I put on the eye liner and it makes me look SO Different. I will have to get a picture of w/o and w/ makeup! I also tried an eye curler- or what I would like to call a torture device.. Why do we use that one women?? My husband used one LONG before I did, he played w/ his mom's calling it an 'eye ball extractor' :P hehe. But seriously- that was the first time I used one. Not a great experience. I will have to work with it.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)

R1P2: Day 102

Weight: 224 lbs
Loss of: .4
Total Loss: 59.8 lbs

Morning. I slept in good today. Only lost all my gained weight. I am at the point I was a couple days ago. Sigh. I just want to break through this thing. I hate that I have been teetering. Hopefully I will see new ground tomorrow! :)

I've been doing everything right. I don't mix my veggies, stick to Protocol food. I do eat a little bit more protein. I find I do MUCH better on 4oz vs 3.5 oz of meat. So there you go. My body is working through stuff, so it's okay, but it's starting to down me a little.

But I did do toning and stretching yesterday. OUTCH! I didn't know I had butt muscles! I didn't know how much we worked them yesterday. My shoulder blades hurt too! outch outch outch! I am so going to look good if I keep this up! LOL.

Today I really want to go buy some makeup I found out about. My last 'set' of makeup was from 1999 and I know it's bad. I haven't worn it in years. I don't do makeup, but I feel like doing some eye shadow and lip gloss. Some eye liner would be fun! I hope I can wear some of that stuff on p2?? It's just the foundation I think we are not allowed right? What have other people found w/ makeup and p2?

I also want to buy a black workout pant. I am wearing a grey stretch pant and they look aweful on me now. :) too big and I want something a bit sexier. Oh, in class yesterday I was able to for the first time grab each of my feet with their respective hand. So your standing like a flamingo. I haven't been able to do that before with all the weight!! :) When I was in high school I used to be able to put my feet behind my ears, both at the same time. I am very flexible, but the fat just stops me do that stuff. Even when I was at my fattest I could touch my toes, but it was hard w/ the fat in the way. Now it's going away and I get back my flexiblity! :) My husband just loves it! ;) TeeHeeHee

Well. have a great day!

Friday, November 20, 2009

R1P2: Day 101

Weight: 224.4 lbs
Loss of: NOTHING
Total Loss: 59.4 lbs

So close! So So Close! I think I am going to fight for every pound right now. :P Jinxed it. I did wake up early again today after going to be fairly late, but I SO wanted to go to the 'Toning and SHaping' class. She used weights and I guess other stuff that don't get used in Pilaties. :P oh well, But it was toning. I was 1/2 ass kicked by the end of it.

There were a couple things I couldn't do on my back. Wow, My butt had shrinked enough that my bone on my back hurts on the floor. I had a really bad injury about 10 years ago that I still struggle with. My sacrum got badly injured. I was in bed for about a month. I got pretty much better but I have to keep an eye on various exercises using the back part of the body. But believe me, there is still a LOT I can do! :) I did pretty good for my first day, plus 500 calorie diet. :D

I just LOVE my arms right now. Its the part of my body that I can look at. I am determined though to work off my woman droop. I will get those sagging under arms to GO away! It's fine though because it IS shrinking!

I got fresh cranberries yesterday. Okay, unprocessed cranberries. I am going to make a p3 cranberry sauce! I am determined to make good food, yet healthy enough that people can have a serving and not feel like they have to go to the gym to work off 20 lbs of Thanksgiving feast!

Have fun losing everyone! Thanks for being on this journey with me! It's been fun getting to know all you! :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

R1P2: Day 100!!

Weight: 224.4 lbs
Loss of: Gained .4 Grumble
Total Loss: 59.4 lbs

What the ??!!?!. Heh. I'm in shock that on my 100'th day I didn't hit the 60 lb mark. I knew that If I celebrated a day early I would get this. :P Superstitious much? YES!

I woke up 1.5 hours earlier, that seriously could have made the difference. Also the power went out yesterday and we got up after it came on to turn off lights. Around 11:20pm and I had to go back to bed. So didn't get to sleep till midnight. I think that has a lot to do with it. Ate my apples a bit late. I've been trying not to do that. I want to try to go to bed 3 hours after my last snack. I've been doing great with my food though. No mixing of veggies, and keeping it very much on plan. No beef. Right now though I have simply done chicken, but it's showing losses. I'm tired of fish right now. I didn't make some appealing dishes with fish so that sort of turned me off.

Tomorrow I am going to try to get to a Pilate class my gym offers for free. It's too early for me, yes 9:30 is too early. We have more of a night lifestyle. I wake up at 9:30 normally. Will try to change that though. If I can. I'm excited to work out. I have done stuff at home.

Well, I got bloodwork down this morning. We will see how I'm doing health wise. I bet we will see some changes. I have blood sugar issues where my Pancreas was overworked, so we will see! I should know by next visit, in a couple weeks!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

R1P2: Day 99

Weight: 224 lbs
Loss of: 1.2!!
Total Loss: 59.8 lbs

So close to losing 60 total pounds!! I also passed the 225 mark! :) YEAY! And tomorrow I will have been on VLCD for 100 days! heh. Lots of little, er okay, big milestones! :)

I had my first hcg nightmare in a while. I drempt that I went to visit family in Germany, but we hadn't gone anywhere. Then I kept taking hcg every several minutes. I started to eat almond cookies while waiting. I realized afterwards and gave the cookies to someone and told them to keep them from me since I was mindlessly eating. I realized about the hcg that I was actually thristy. :P go figure. I was upset that I was in Germany to see family with all the coffee time and I couldn't eat anything, why did I still take it, I should have taken a break before I went. Sigh. :P Go Figure.

But it was only a dream and I'm awake and good. I'm having the last hurrah of hormones leave my body. When I am less toxic in my body w/ crap I feel everything about my TOM. Major cramps normally and dizzyness. I went to bed early but kept waking up. :( So I'm a little tired/woozy this morning but my spirits are high.

I have a long todo list of stuff I want to finish today, or rather, start! :P It should be a good day!

I hope I am at the start of another steep slide down the sliding scale! heh. I have 3.4 lbs left before the cruise that I want to lose. I think it will be REALLY hard.. You here that universe I said HARD to take off! (Last time I said "only 5 lbs in 14 days I can do it' and I ended up fighting for every ounce! :P I'm actually a little scared I won't lose that 3 lbs. heh. Honestly- I would like to lose 10 more lbs to get to my 'goal tracking' weight. If I lose average .6 every day I should get there. We will see, CAN NOT put my hopes up.

I'm fitting into clothes better, I feel ribs, I feel and look sexier! I'm loving it. Oh! What I find weird actually, anyone can explain. Maybe it's my height?? But I'm 224 and I can fit into clothes of thinner people. My mom hovers around the 145 range and I almost fit into her clothes on top. ???? I'm 75 lbs more then here, most of it admittedly is in my hips/thighs. Could that be it? My top is matching her more and more, but my thighs are just not there for a LONG time. heh.

Oh, and my father wants them to go on it, We hope it will lessen the pain of my mom as well (She has R. arthritis) and maybe get rid of her gut that she always complains about. I think she has lost various structrual fat trying to get rid of a tummy that won't go. But my dad has planned on the cruise to type in a bunch of our recipes! :) I made a 'creamy' (no cream added) asparagus soup yesterday that I love! So he will help me write this stuff down for htem, then I will get a copy and make a little cookbook! It would be nice to help off set some of the cost of the hcg. :) My doctor wants me to sell one at her office.

Well, Here's to good days ladies! Thanks for going down this journey with me! I really appreciate it! Happy Losing and maintaining! :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

R1P2: Day 98

Weight: 225.2 lbs
Loss of: .8
Total Loss: 58.6 lbs

I'm feeling good about the loss. I feel on track for the most part. I am trying to drink my water earlier in the day.

I went to my mom's house with a bunch of clothes, and she noticed some larger sized items looked really good on me still. :P Silly mom. I think she likes baggy things on me, but they are very happy with my loss.

I'm a bit dehydrated when I woke up this morning. I just didn't want to get my behind outta bed. :P I felt puffy but it seems to go away after 15 minutes of laying there. heh

I'm starting to stress about Thanksgiving, I want it a certain way that is just too much for me right now. I am going to lay out a menu plan w/ all the things I want to serve. Find out who will bring what and then make a grocery list.

I'm finishing up my hormonal flush of TOM. I can feel my weepiness laying below the surface. :P
OH, I resewed a pair of pants, Wasn't too hard. I did break a sewing needle. :P Too much fabric to sew. but over all I am happy w/ the size 24 pants being taken in. I have another pair I think I want to 'donate' to the circle if I can find someone who is larger then me. Seems all you woman are smaller! :P

I'm also short but I haven't been so luckly in buying stuff for Petite though. I do have mostly pants in 'short' or they are regular capri's. heh. Almost pants on me.

I'm going to have to have to find a way to take all of helderheid's old clothes that don't fit. ;) heh.

I think I might start a yahoo group for us to start joining, it would be maybe easier for people to post: Size 10 - 2 shirts. Or Size 20 - Pile o' stuff.

Would people spread the word? Would people join? What if we were to have the reciever pay for the shipping? Would you be willing to pass your clothes onto a fellow Hcg'er? please let me know. I would love for this to work! I would rather pay for shipping than pay for new clothes! heh. Then we can just pass them on to the next hcg'er. :) We can have posts also for "I'm going to be size 18 soon" or something. Any advice, input or suggestions really appreciated! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

R1P2: Day 97

Weight: 226 lbs
Loss of: .4 (.2 from .2 gain yesterday)
Total Loss: 57.8 lbs

okay folks. I hope everyone is doing well during this Fall Season. This week I plan to organize and really clean the downstairs. We got sloppy after we were done putting furniture back after putting new floors down. Sigh. It's coming together though.

I gained a little yesterday. I had a sit still this morning so I went back to bed. :) I love that. Had a good'ish BM and was actually at a loss today. :)

I am semi-floating in my 22's right now. I tried on size 20W and they fit TIGHTLY. My thighs. Perfect everywhere else but the thighs. Sigh. So I am washing my size 22's a bit to see if they would shrink a little. :) LOVE IT!

I am going to ask for a dress form for Xmas. I think it would be easier to refit things. I need to get my mom to help me resize some items. I have a pretty top that Is TOO big, but it's a really nice tank top I bought 2 weeks before I found out about HCG. Sort of my 'lets start getting nice fat person clothes so I feel better" :P I seem to always do that to myself, but this time for the good. I buy a really quality shirt/pants and I gain/lose weight. :P So I give up and sit in 4 shirts for 3 years, then take the plunge to buy something nicer. :P go figure.

I am frustrated right now. I wish we had a clothes circle. I will box up all my clothes sizes 22 and higher and give them to an HCG person so they don't have to buy clothes while they slide. I wish we had a circle. Is there a way to set something up? Is there another hcg person out there that is starting out that I can give size 22's to? I will give you my shirts and I have some coats that are pretty but are now too big. Nice stuff too.

Then I would love someone who is getting rid of their hcg too big clothes that are in the size 18 range and send them to me! :) please! :D heh. Is there a cloths circle that I am un aware of? I know there is the Traveling Pants, but it sounds like they do 1 pant per month.

I know these clothes will find their way to charities eventually, but it would be fun to have a circle. Ya, I'm yammering about it. I need to find a clothes circle. I am so eager to fit into more clothes as I go down, but I don't want to buy a bunch just to give it away 2 weeks later. :P heh. I don't have that kind of money for a charity right now. :P

My husband is cooking eggs right now. Mmmmmmmmm. Eggs. mmmmmmm. He is on p3, Gained a little this morning, but is still a bit below his LWW. (Last Weigh-in Weight)
He has had an omelet w/ sausage and cheese for breakfast, and a 1/2 grapefruit later on. He was full. Then he had Chicken, Tomatoes and cheese. Then for dinner he had Chicken, Broccoli w/ sourcream. As a snack later on he had apples w/ cheese.

I felt he was still doing p2 w/ some p3 foods added. I was proud of him because I was expecting him to stop eating the good stuff that we should eat for life. heh.

Well, I'm off to clean. I am going to open myself up and nab onto some of the energies that helderheid has over there w/ her massive cleaning spree and see if it will be fruitful over here! :) I like the idea of cleaning out, but it doesn't seem to actually get out of our house sometimes. :P heh.

Well, have a fruitful, productive, happy day. Even if that means taking care of yourself and your well being! :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

R1P2: Day 96

Weight: 226.4 lbs
Loss of: Gain .2
Total Loss: 57.4 lbs

Bah, I gained. I actually woke up with a .6 gain but I went back to bed. It honestly was too early. I did good on my food/water yesterday so it has to be bloating. I do feel a bit bloaty. Not sure why exactly, could be weather and TOM ending.

I look to fabulous in clothes to feel down about it. Okay, I feel a little down about it, but I am starting to give more concern to trends, and the numbers WILL go down, if not right now, tomorrow or next week. I do hate that I have a goal so it puts bits of stress if I don't make it but COME ON! :P anyways.

I went to my mother in laws for her b-day party w/ the family. It was really nice. They create a comfortable environment to hang out. More people to play with our kid and we can get out of the house and talk. I wasn't sure what to get my mother in law. What do you get someone who has everything? Exactly. She just bought herself an airstream so I decided to get the official magazine that goes with airstream. I think magazines are awesome gifts. Always have. Not harsh on the pocket book yet a year of giving information! :) Can't really go wrong w/ that.

Then after people left my MIL asked if I wanted to go upstairs and try on some clothes. :D I was like "Oh, the suffering, the humanity." and rushed upstairs. :D

I could fit in her clothes!!! :D My Mother and MIL both love Chico's and wear Chico's clothing. I honestly had associated w/ older sophistication and beauty. But god, those things are trendy on younger folk. I can now fit into the top end of Chico's dresses.

I think, I did some checking, if I can get as small as size 4 or 6, which I don't see as being a huge issue since I was thin, yet full figure in HS and I was 145, in size 8. Maybe larger for pants? I think I can get into their Chico's size 1 after I am totally done with weight loss.

Which is weird, because in the back of my mind I'm like, but I want to stop at Chico's size 2. This offers me a WIDE variety of clothing that I can 'borrow' from my mom. ;) hehe. LIke she would let me. That woman seems to have her clothes under lock and key!

Well, I do know for now, I will look absolutely fabulous for the cruise w/ all these clothes options from the mothers. I do have a tank top I do want to take in because it's too awesome! Easy take in I think. Sigh. I have linen pants my mom bought me before the weight loss. Nice, slightly pricy pants that I want to do something with because they were actually semi-pricy. But now they are so BAGGY! They were going to fit for Mexico, but um, I'm just too thin. Boohoo. ;) Never thought I would complain about pants being too big. Sigh.

I need to talk to AutumnRose323 about taking in clothes. I bet she has some neat tricks! Oh, AutumnRose323 you would be proud of me- I'm going to recreate a cool little throw over in different colors. I have a proto type from my MIL that is black. Then I have a skirt that I want to try to recreate. It's a great pattern for thick thighed women! :) The skirt w/ 'wedges' sewn in on the bottom. I need to find a pattern or something. I would eventually like to get a dummy model thing. What are they called? Can I get one cheap?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

update- my history of weight

Grew up normally thin.
Then in high school sat at a nice curvy weight of 145
Met my husband 2 years later around 175-180, still wore fly away skirts and thigh high garters. I was feeling really sexy still.

Got married at 198 lbs in March of 1998.

October 17th 98 - 221 lbs (started weight waters)

April 17th 99 - 190.5 lbs (last weight watchers weigh-in)

July 31st 2001- 229.5 (started nutritionist)

November 20th 2001 - 236.5 (didn't do well huh?)

March 12 2002 - 232 lbs (hmm, is this plan really working? Though I almost got into a size 16 on the plan from a size 20) Maybe I built muscle?

January 13th 2004 - 271 (started Curves, did lose maybe 5-10 lbs)

August 6th 2006 - 257 - Son was born and I had actually lost 20 lbs during the pregnancy.

August 16th 2009 - 283.3 (started HCG)

November 14th 2009 - 226.6 (current)

I am lower now then when I started the food doctor! And I KNOW I will be doing better very soon. I should hit 200 in around January 2010. :D

Love the milestones on the way down! :D

R1P2: Day 95

Weight: 226.2 lbs
Loss of: .4
Total Loss: 57.6 lbs

Do Do Do... Well. I always feel a bit bummed on a smaller loss after a big loss. But I feel too sexy to keep a bummed feeling though. I am going to a family thing today and see my brother in law and his husband after a long time of no seeing. I'm a bit giddy about showing off my hot bod to them! :) My BIL's husband wants to do this diet as he has seen the results for himself. This diet is wild fire.

(OMG- My 3 yr old son is still working on his language loves Elmo and will ask for stuff. He just asked for "Elmo ???" But the ??? Sounded like F#$@. LOL! I had to get him to repeat it on camera. LOL!!! I'm aweful. OH, we just found out- it's TALK. :P )

So I had a yummy onion soup w/ chicken, vitamins and then for lunch I had chicken with fresh tomatoes. I shredded the chicken and mixed it w/ the tomatoes. Mmmmmmmmm.

My husband just informed me after I complained that my shirt came up in back that 'Oh everyone knew what underware you were wearing, even when you were bigger" :P Dork. hehe.

Today I have on a normal XL. Not a big woman's XL. They concider it a size 14/16 shirt. It fits just fine. I think it's a tiny bit too tight but it looks nice. :) I do need to take more pictures.

My husband is done. He is finished w/ his hcg. He is going 48 hours since he is on the Hhcg. He wants almond flour cookies. :) Cookies and MIlk. That is his favorite, and cola, but he won't drink cola... at least not right now. He was down .8 this morning but LWW is 170.0 and that is what he should focus on.

I had a nice long bath last night. I love taking a bath. I have a little bathroom heater that makes the area toasty. mmmmmm.

I hope everyone has a great day! :) No matter what the weather!!

btw: Do you all have your plan for Thanksgiving? Eating plan? HOsting plan?

Friday, November 13, 2009

R1P2: Day 94

Weight: 226.6 lbs
Loss of: 1.4
Total Loss: 57.2 lbs

Well. I lost 1.4 lbs. I wonder... hmmm. We took new vitamins yesterday. Really the 'only' change we really did. When we had great losses we had taken vitamins, but then we had to throw them out, went several days w/o them and got bad losses. We might be coming up with stuff but I won't complain too loudly! No gift horse mouth looking here!

I'm tired today. We woke up early yesterday, went to bed sort of late, the window curtains were open enough that we woke up a little earlier then I would have liked. heh.

I've switched it up to 2 chickens right now. I'm tired of fish for the moment. I just can't seem to make anything intersting. I need to get my juices flowing. When I was at the doctors office I had 2 ladies tell me I should write a cookbook. I would like to take the recipes we have come up with and put them together. I made a p2 mustard in my kitchen from a 'regular recipe' out there. Nothing p2 about wine. heh.

I sprinkled some rosemary and chipole seasoning on top of my chicken. Boy was it heat but wonderful! On a bed of freshly cut tomatoes. Mmmmmmm. Refreshing. I baked the chicken in my toaster oven a little too long so it was a little dry, but you know, it worked for me. I don't mind a little dry when I have another 'wet' ingredient.

I hope all you folks out there successful losses, maintenance and happy day!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

update- doctor visit and clothes shopping

So, I went to the doctor. We made a Thanksgiving plan.

She said if I skip the turkey (she had one client gain 2 lbs on turkey) and eat some cheats I should be good to go. I'm cheating on a table spoon of cranberry p3 sauce and some p3 bean casserole. :) Small but effective cheats! :) She said it might even kick start my loss again. We will see! I would DIE if I saw a whole 2 lb gain. :P Chicken w/ rosemarry is yummier anyways. I'm not a Turkey person. I'll eat it if it's there, and will pick at it like any other bird. So it's not like I'm losing out at all. I wonder if we could get away with making several little chicken birds and calling it Thanksgiving! Save a Turkey! ;)

I made an appointment for a week before my cruise to talk Cruise plan! There will be daily weighing. She even suggests multi-daily weighing. :P BAH!

Went afterwards to get a bra, got seduced by the size '14' LARGE- xLarge shirts. hehe.

I bought some shirts that honestly are a bit too tight for me, but you know, I will 'grow' into them. But they SO flatter my tummy. Some cuts are NOT good for me like empress waist. I need something that says "Yes, I have boobs, but look at my tiny waist' (relative to the rest of me of course. ;) hehe, Sigh, in high school I had a size 28 waist. One day... One day)

So, I am wearing some of the clothes and it feels good. I bought 4 shirts and a 'house' coat. Its cute, something to lounge. I will take some pictures when not so tired and made model show! :)

R1P2: Day 93

Weight: 228 lbs
Loss of: Nothing
Total Loss: 55.8 lbs

The scale is toying with me. I can't make goals. I think we are pretty silly to make goals of 'x lbs to this day' because

1. HCG DOES work. So we will eventually lose the weight if we are on protocol.
2. We will get to our weight at some point, maybe 3 days afterwards.

Because when we put ridged goals on ourselves that are honestly out of our control we set ourselves up for failure.

We can say 'we will work out 3 times a week' and if that is a realistic goal we can do it. We need to learn to set up realistic goals. Things that are workable in our control. We should push ourselves, try for 1 non-cheat day if that is your thing. Take it one day at a time. Challenge yourself to drink a little more water if you need to, or just get to your water. Those things we can ultimately control.

I'm scared now that I won't make it to my goal weight. So I put a goal I looked forward to, but now, I know that I am losing inches like there is no tomorrow, but I put an arbitrary weight goal into effect. Ya, I can fit into clothes I haven't in a long time, yet I'm still bummed by the numbers? Silly.

GOod news- Yesterday was an awesome day. It didn't stop in the afternoon either. So I went and got aligned, the chiropractor told me he knew I was drinking my water because my muscles were all hydrated and that made it easier to adjust me w/ little grunts. Then I tried on a size 3 at Chico's and found the shirt a bit big so I tried on a size 2. This is what my skinny mother wears. I got it on. No way any bottoms would fit. So I went to Lane Bryant. COOL new sizing. I said "I was a size 26 but should be a size 22. She gave me a 'new size 7 and 5' and we would most likely have to hunt for a 6. Well. I found out I fit into a 4. :D These are their new sizes. I wish I could convert it, haven't found an online chart of conversion. But they are also color coded. I am a blue, because my waist is much smaller then my thighs- hence always a wrong fit in pants. Well not this time. I decided to order the slightly pricy pants, but they were on sale!!! So I got away cheap on both items because both was like 50% off.!!!

Then I wore the shirt and went over to my parents to show off. My mom was a bit surprised that her daughter wore the same size shirts as her. We talked about formal wear for the cruise. I fit into several of my mother's things, but if it was button up, it would take losing 2-4 inches in the bust area. Yo, helderheid, I would be happy to give you some of my junk in the front!

So yesterday was a pretty good day, It really was an excellent day. I am bummed that today is no loss, but I'm dealing with TOM. I should hopefully have another great week after my TOM, then deal with ovulation week. Seems I might get 2 good weeks out of this stuff. heh. Normally TOM always produces good losses. But oh well.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

R1P2: Day 92

Weight: 228 lbs
Loss of: .8
Total Loss: 55.8 lbs

Hello All, I hope your all doing good and well in your journey/adventure/goals!

I'm a tiny bit bummed. Okay- A bit worried. IF I lose an average of .2 every day till the cruise I WON'T hit my goal. :( The likely hood of that happening, now that I mention it, greatly. Honestly- in a 'normal' world it would be achievable. Now the stress sets in. I have a goal. I want to meet that goal. I don't want to kill myself eating chicken, fish and onion and tomatoes. Actually I did a double chicken day yesterday because the fish in my meals tasted like poo. There is not much flavor I can right now do with Onion and Fish when you eat it pretty much every day. It gets boring. My husband's chicken and tomato soup is awesome so I eat that every day. Yesterday he made me chicken with cabbage. YUM! Cabbage has never tasted so good.

I don't want to mess up this diet, I don't want to eat the 'wrong' thing, because it seems that if I eat even on protocol things that makes me feel like I stall, but you can stall for 100's of reasons and food not being one of them. :P

Okay- something really funny- apples are 'suppose to make you stall' I hear about people lowering their apples. Yesterday I said screw it to the lowering of apples, and I actually had a decent loss today. heh. :P The two times I lowered my apple intake I got a .2 and a 0 loss. go figure.

anyways. I go get my back adjusted, try on a Chico's Jacket. My mom loves Chico's and I tried one on last night. Her size 2, it ALMOST fit. Top of course. I can fit in their size 3. (THeir personal sizes, not real 'size 2') I'm a XL right now in the top. A 14/16 in Plus sizes. But I'm getting there.

Sometimes I wonder if my bones are plus size so I will never get into anything below a 14. :P But I should be able to. It's my thighs that will determine when. heh.

I love my mom, very protective of her, I felt horrible last night when I told her that I find her personally too thin at 145, she looks so SKINNY!!!! But she recently hit 150, and I was like, " You could lose 5 lbs" to be more comfortable. Okay. The 5 lbs really made her look a lot larger. I think her boobs got bigger and makes her shirts look tighter. It's all about the boobs!! Because her pants look like normal. I love her, and I wouldn't like to say mean things to her. She has done so good watching her wait, to the point of obsession. I think I want her to go on hcg because I hear so many things about lessing the pain in things like arthritis. She has R. arthritis and it's hurting her a lot. She is always in pain. I want that to go away. She is one of the most amazing people I know. She pushes through the pain and does 100's of things per day. Not sure if that feeds her problems, but she manages.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

R1P2: Day 91

Weight: 228.8 lbs
Loss of: NOTHING
Total Loss: 55 lbs

Gaw! I hate slowing down. I had my TOM yesterday, but it's suspiciously gone today. Hmmm. We will see, I know that I am spotty now that I am on HCG.

I'm taking a HCG day off. I want to see if I can 'jump start' those losses again. I'm sticking to my same ol same ol foods. I didn't eat an apple yesterday because it was late when I got home. I forgot to take one with me as i picked up my parents.

It seemed they noticed a loss. But they were really tired, so I was happy that they noticed something. :)

Apples do not seem to bother me in the weight loss.It seems the last two days I've slowed down on apples are also the days I slowed down on weight. Maybe just a parallel that doesn't go hand in had. No clue now a days.

I hope everyone is having a good day! Take a picture of your Fall in your area and share it on your blog please! I Want to see Fall in your neighborhood. I will do the same. It's so pretty here!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

R1P2: Day 90

Weight: 228.8 lbs
Loss of: 0.2
Total Loss: 55 lbs


Some steam has been let of of my sails. Sigh. .2 loss. Still a loss,yes but not large and big and wonderful. Don't I look a gift horse in the mouth. The only thing I really changed was: I ate onions during the day, and tomatoes at night. I drank most of my water during the evening. I didn't eat much of my apple. Maybe an once? Sigh. I thought I would get more loss if I didn't eat my apple. I should have eaten it, but then I could have gained. Sigh. NO clue.

I have my TOM coming on, but I traditionally lose pretty well during TOM and slow severely down during ovulation.

I'm tired this morning but didn't go to bed too late. Nothing abnormal. I did listen to a guided meditation utube video that is totally awesome. I did this in the bathtub and it was nice, totally relaxed in the tub. Then I decided to do this right at bed time, then switched it over to a nature sound after it was done to finish me off. Did a pretty good job, though my nose got stuffed and I couldn't seem to get in a comfy position. But I feel asleep pretty fast anyways. I normally can take up to 1-2 hours to fall asleep on a good night.

Enjoy: Don't listen to while driving. Though you shouldn't be reading while your driving either.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

R1P2: Day 89

Weight: 229 lbs
Loss of: 1.2
Total Loss: 54.8 lbs

Morning Folks!

I am feeling pretty good right now. I can't help but wonder when the 'bad day' will happen to take a little energy out of my step, but I have to ride the high right now. I can't let a possible bad day ruin my good days. :)

I didn't get a chance to eat my apple last night, though I did use 2 slices in my dinner. I had a lot of onions and then choppped up 2 slices of apple into it and cooked it. Mmmmmm. All over a piece of cod w/ some mustard.

Yesterday was a LOT of fun. Mystery upon Mystery for the game. My friends were happy too. It's nice when everything is just set for fun, and that fun was had. I had a friend that we see only every 2 weeks try my soup. He enjoyed it, but was surprised that a secret ingredient was mustard.

I had to get vitamins yesterday, but got the wrong kind. They had soybean oil in them. :( But I strutted around the store in my boots! :) I can't get over how awesome those boots are.

I am trying to take nightly baths, and so far so good. I read blogs but then I turn on some meditation music and stretch and breath and meditate a little bit. I think I did the whole thing too quickly. I imaged I was washing weight off of me. I realize when I get some good momentum I get superstitious. If X worked, then X will work all the time, and it's responsible for my success. I did do only 10 minutes of exercise yesterday. I didn't want to do any more really. I realized something, when I feel like I "HAVE" to exercise, I start to hate it. I love walking for the sake of walking around, I love playing Wii games because they are fun and oh, I have some exercise.. but the moment my body realizes I "HAVE" to do it or I feel 'forced' to do it, all bets are off. My body drudges through games I used to love. I told the hubby I would rather do tennis w/ him again. But my upper arm did need a break.

I was thinking of Simeones manual and the foods he allows. I wonder why only 3.5, though we do seem to do okay on 4oz. Also- size of fruit. He doesn't have a size alotment for fruit. What were apples sizes in his day? I know it seems we go for a larger fruit if we see it. I feel really good about our current bought apples. They are much smaller and seem more reasonably in line w/ what the Dr. S ordered.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

R1P2: Day 88

Weight: 230.2 lbs
Loss of: .8
Total Loss: 53.6 lbs
Body Fat: 46.3% <--margin of error perhaps?


Okay. After getting FABulous boots, doing the sexy walk in public, getting hit on in my dreams, this day is doing well. I did tell the guy in my dreams that I was married, but that I thanked him for wanting to hit on me. He was nice. heh. I like to see constant losses above the .6 mark. 5.8 lbs in 7 days. YEAY! Best week ever!!

I'm going more strict protocol. I would eat celery at night, nope not now. I eat about 4 oz of protien though. Not sure if I should. Was reading Melissa's blog and saw how she noticed various things. She is very specific about hitting her 500 calorie mark. Here I feel I want to reduce. How many of you folks feel like you lose more weight when you hit the 500 calories? I will work on upping my veggies a bit. OH and I eat a whole apple, I'm going to try to limit it to 3.5 oz as well. I don't think that the Apple is causing weight slow down. I love Strawberries, but this diet sort of put an end to that. I think what happened was I was making smoothies w/ them, and I perfer a nice fresh strawberry, but fresh go bad in a couple days.

I took a bath yesterday and finished reading blogs. I was like.. What.. no more blogs to read. I got caught up? NOooo, what will I ever do? Oh, I could stretch and meditate. I put my ipod to a meditation sound and sat there. I breathed, and I tried some "ommmmm" and Oh MY! That was amazing. I really felt my body relax saying "ommmmm" It totally surprised me. I loved it. Then I took my hands and imagined to wash off pounds from my skin and point it to the drain saying "pounds and ounces I release you from my body, to the drain with you!" Then I stretched my muscles... and then I realized something I haven't done in a while.. My inner parts of my leg were touching. My ankle was touching, my side calfs where touching. If you were fat enough you will know that this was huge! Very HUGE! I could actually 'put the bottom parts of my legs' next to each other. So when the tiny little fitness instructor says 'put your legs together' I CAN! Normally I wasn't able to do this. HA!

I altered my pants this morning so it shows off the boot more. They look a little altered, I think I need to resew a line w/ that yellow thread they use on the pants. I used a brown to not draw attention down there, maybe it should have. anyways. They look awesome because now they aren't so schlepping on the ground!

Today we get together w/ some friends to play a little table top role-playing. It's a modern day mystery with some elements of suspense thrown in. It's been loads of fun! It's like 5pm roles around and I am not ready for the fun to stop! It's great to 'play pretend' as an adult in moderation. I just haven't grown out of it.

I found out from one of my friends, a wife who married one of the guys I game with, that he had come home saying I looked great. That was a boost. He hasn't told that to me yet, and we will see if he does, maybe he feels awkward but he is such a nice guy he might not want to hurt my feelings? No clue. I'm actually surprised that a couple friends I haven't seen since last year didn't mention anything. His wife got the stomach 'taken out' surgery, and she has sagging skin and I'm not sure if she is continuing to lose weight. She looks much better then before but still has simular weight as last year. Same went for another friend I knew who did lose all the weight w/ the surgery, but she lifted her shirt to show me her sagging stomach. I swear, for the 15k they should thrown in a tuck for free if you actually reach your goal weight. I've been luckly- no real saggy skin, though I have to say, now w/ my arms thinner, my 'droops' look more droopy. That will go away as I lose the last of my fat in the arms. I really wish I could put in an order w/ the hcg - "Yo, Hcg, can we focus on losing weight in the thighs this week? please? Just 1 size. Then go back to regular programing!" Sigh.

Today is a real Fall day. I'm actually enjoying it a bit. Well I am off to go clean up the living room. With the new couch/sectionals everyone has their own comfy 38 inches for their butt! :) Mmmmm comfy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

quick update- front picture

This was taken a while ago on the left, today on the right. I was amazed at the difference that I just wanted to share w/ you all!

I am so into boots right now that I decided to buy another pair BUT with HEELS!!!! (Did I get the spelling right?) I wore them into the grocery store. WHOA. Never had heals in YEARS! But it was awesome. The husband said I had a sexy walk and he was turned on by the 'click, click, click.' sound. He said that it was synonymous w/ sexy. I even would walk in front of the cart to show him my sexy! Boy did that make me feel good. I even have a new coat because the previous ones are just TOO big!

I'm loving today! I want a repeat day! I also did 35 minutes of Tennis on the Wii. It was fun to be a team w/ the husband. Not as much of a work out but still worked my arm. It was sore this morning.

okay maybe not so quick update! heh.

quick update: Ref. 71

Ref 71 passed

So it seems that Washington Voters have actually passed the bill! YEAY! Let the champagne pour over and every family be together!

I think it's still a ways away from true equality, but it definably is in the right direction!


We are loud, We are proud and we pass laws that make sense!!

R1P2: Day 87

Weight: 231 lbs
Loss of: 1.4
Total Loss: 52.8 lbs
Body Fat: 46.1%

Today starts out well because I lost 1.4 lbs and personally, that makes me very happy. I have lost 5 lbs this month so far. More at this point then other months.

I want to lose 10.4 more lbs before Dec 5th (the cruise). We do have Thanksgiving in the way.

I played on the Wii for 45 minutes yesterday. I played Tennis (my arm HURTS right now), 3 holes of golf and bowling. I kick ass at bowling! My husband kicks my ass at Tennis. It's nice we both have our games. I think if I do a lower body workout the next day that I can let my arm rest, and get a full body work out over all. Though I know I will play Tennis today because it was SO much fun!

So, A little bit about me. I am a 35 yr old woman who is married, have 1 kid, no plans for a 2nd. We enjoy our small family. I enjoy gaming - Table top like DnD and Shadowrun - and computer games- Sims, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings. I love walking, I love sewing. I have made some quilts and have several I want to do. I do some web design. I quit a big corporate company to go back to school to do my first love- Film. I have made some short films for school. I have one about my pregnancy named "Made from Scratch" that I'm very proud of. I sew dice bags (or really to hold any smaller items) to make some money. I live in the same town I grew up since I was 3. My parents live less than a mile away. I was born in Germany and we all immigrated to America. Except for my parents/brothers and my Aunt in California all family lives in Germany still and I don't nearly go over there as often as I would like. I have not seen under 200lbs since 1998. I have the 'thin girl in a fat body' image. I do realize now I'm fat, and have for the last several years. It doesn't bother me as much as it should have. I was told by the doctor that my pancreas was going to stop working if I didn't change my lifestyle. That was my wake up call to thin down.
I have a lot of interests that I can't be nailed down in one stereotype. Very multi-dimensional. I love Sci-fi, action, and chick flicks. In fact I love critiquing movies. I do have fun at a stupid movie saying what problems they have. I love yelling at the tv on a live show and telling the camera men to adjust their camera angles. That does bring me joy. Not the 'being mean part' but finding little glitches. Sort of like a puzzle to figure out. "Where is waldo" thing. I love puzzles. I love finding problems and fixing them. I love making things better. My husband doesn't think I should love that as much when I focus it on him. ;) heh.

I'm an emotional person. I love to talk and be around be just as much as I like to stay home. I love going to Mexico in the Spring. I would move down there in a second! I took a couple classes to speak Spanish, but I do so much better when submerged. I love talking Spanish with the guys at the Mexican Restaurants. So far most don't mind. I'm sure they shake their heads and say "Gringo" under their breath, though I got the BEST compliment when I walked into a Mexican Market nearby. The woman who owns the little Tienda only talked Spanish, so I stumbled through it for the most part. She asked if I was married to a Spanish man. :) Felt good. I love feeling good. I don't seem to give myself enough props that I go looking for it outside of myself.
A day can be made or broken just by the comments I get. If the scale treats me nice, I feel good. If someone says 'hello' I feel good. If I get a negative comment, I feel bad. Even getting a hug or a shrug from my 3yr old can pull my day.

I'm complex like I feel all of us are. We love various things that can't go into a box that people can say "oh, she is this type of person" and I won't fit myself into a box. I've always been a bit 'different' as my mom puts it. heh. She is very traditional, but when you start digging into her mind, you realize a complex person is in there, yet sometimes scared to come out and be zany. She once, in order to show us that she can have a 'good time', pushed all the buttons at a hotel. We told her you had to do that AFTER you got out of the elevator. I got so sick by the time we got to our floor. :P She tries. Her maturing age, I think, is helping her relax. I love my parents. I am VERY protective over my mom though. I never was a 'maternal' person, but for some reason I become a pitbull if I feel my mom is getting bullied by someone. It's who I am.

So, I rambled on about who I am. I'm all over the board w/ who I am. And I know I left out bits. For god sake, I'm 35 years old and have done things in my life! I've traveled many roads to be where I am today. For the most part, I think I am content. Yes I am losing weight and I deal with occational or daily struggles, but that is life. I really think, no, I know I really enjoy where I am today over all.

As in the words of Nikki- Have a wonderful day losing or maintaining! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quick update- Foto moment!

I had to share. We did photo's tonight- in undewear. :) But I will show you a non scary pic! :)

1st pic: 283
2nd pic: 232.4

Oh, and I have some pictures of when I was younger. Dork, Geek, Weirdo, Band Geek yes! Fat ... no! Darn, they didn't come out. I tried to 'photo' the pictures. I will figure out, I have 3 I want to share.

R1P2: Day 86

Weight: 232.4 lbs
Loss of: .8
Total Loss: 51.4lbs
Body Fat: 46.1%

I am feeling better. I was up till about 3am talking with the husband about various things that bothered me. We woke up a little earlier then expected, still got a decent loss. But I lost several pounds of stress though. I feel hopeful today.

We have the living room pretty much settled. Now I want to tackle my craftroom/storage/wrapping area. I have shelves that I want to put up, plus take down a bed frame that we thought we were going to have guests on. The room is a mess. I want to put all my stuff like clothes in there. Make it my own space I can retreat to do things. Be more organized.

I also sew dice bags. I need to make more to sell at the local comic store, and I want to put some up on Etsy if possible. I have a site on there, just haven't had the guts to try to sell my stuff. I should. They are really good bags. Fun fabrics I have gotten!

Yesterday was a bad day. Today will be a good day. I did no exercise yesterday. I told the husband I have a real problem doing yoga on the Wii board, but I LOVE the games, but I feel like if I get on there I need to do yoga, so I just have been avoiding it. I feel extremely inspired by christyinseattle to do strength/toning exercises. She said that in a short amount of time she has seen results. I don't want to push myself since I do 500 calories, but come on, I can do 30 minutes on my Wii every day at least!

I think she also mentioned, or was it someone else on a post, said taking a weight behind my head and pumping iron, or a heavy object. That should get my droop that women tend to get smaller!

I've enjoyed catching up on blogs last night in the bathtub. I am going to tape more shows also on my tivo to transfer on my ipod. I would like a show or two as well to veg out to. But honestly- your blogs are so insightful and humorous at times, it trumps a show! :) heh. Miss Mary- those pictures have me laughing so hard. Too funny. And I saw a youtube video in this blog (Brandi) that is worth watching. I watched another video, and yes it's about being fat and proud but still it's great on how we feel when we get heavy. To be more then our fat, and be proud woman. I think it's great we are all losing weight because it is healthier for us and we can move.

Though the most recent post of Caitlin was very moving I still find this post on of my most heart touching stories. Isn't that what all mother's want to be able to do? Play with their children in a very active way!

Last night, as I went to bed, and I couldn't sleep I was thinking of what my 'weight story' was. One particular thing that came to me while I was laying there was how my 2 brothers and my father would make fat jokes about me when I was thin. I don't think I had body images as a kid/tween/teen. I really don't but then it hit me that the guys in my family were mean to me. They were all simply joking about it, and did say 'if it became a problem they would stop the jokes', Personally I think we all got older and stopped joking around. But why? Why hurt like that? So either I don't get the jokes and know they think I am fat, or I get called fat at a ripe old age of 11.
I wish I could post a pic, but all the pictures are glued into my 'childhood/baby book' :P but I was a total geek, never fat, just a real big geek. Dork. Yes, that is a better word. A total dork until highschool. Then I got some fasion sence, barely. heh.
Then if I got hurt or offended at my family they were all 'relax it's just a joke' :P Whatever. It was a moment in my life that never really bothered me as much as I think it should have to a point. I knew I wasn't fat, but then why make fun of me? I don't understand. I'm more perplexed then upset.

Thanks everyone for being there for me! :) I appreciate this blogging circle we have created! :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

quick update - quilting madness

So, after the costume blitz I have decided to take the extra scraps of fabric and make a crazy quilt for the friend who bought all the fabric, who was the originator of the design.

I think I will add a 'jedi' into the quilt somewhere. What do you think? Crazy.. of course.. hence the 'crazy quilt'

I think after this I will go take a bath. It's been a nice ritual lately to go take a bath and read your blogs. I realize I can't post a response but I do keep an eye on what your doing! All of you that have blogs for me to read! :)

R1P2: Day 85

Weight: 233.2 lbs
Loss of: .6
Total Loss: 50.6 lbs
Body Fat: 46.5%

One Lovely Blog Award from Hello HCG

To accept the award, post it on your blog, along with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Be sure to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

1. Thank you Caitlin for awarding me this award!! :) I would send it right back at you for being awesome! Glad we were able to become friends! You also have very real and fun blogs to read

2. Nikki is one cool lady! I love the visuals she puts into her blogs, but I think I have found a lot of insight to general healthy eating habits and deep thought from her blog! Keep it up woman! :)

3. AKA Skinny Me was on of my first blogs to read. Your journey has been fun to read and so informative.

4. Shawn was I think my very first blog. She struck me as having a similar body type and gave me serious hope that hcg would work well. I think my initial motivation came from reading her blog and seeing the results from her. Amazing.

5. Christy in Seattle is a great blog to read. Fun, entertaining and even an 'adult warning' before you enter! :)

6. helderheid you are one fabulous woman! You share a lot with us about your personal life and I love it. You give me something to think about in my own life. You are so encouraging!

7. Miss Mary you are one hilarious woman! I come for the pictures, I laugh, and I stay for the postings!

8. KAES was an early blog, with yummy dishes. You showed me to be creative with my own foods and come up with my own recipes. I can totally see you as a heatlh chef is some swanky place, or possibly a personal chef!

I'm sorry if I have forgotten someone! I know some of you women already got the reward, but you deserve the reward again from where I stand.

OKay- So my son flung his arm around and swapped me in the face this morning. Not a happy mommy right now. It's getting better, but I got a big lip. I hate being hit, by accident or not. I have a primal anger in me. Luckily I know how to control myself on the outside, but I did get upset. I had serious adrenalin running through my body as I went to weigh. Then I dropped .6 a respectable weight but I was upset at the scale for not giving me more. I want more! I want to lose more weight faster. Grump!

I had a horrible dinner last night.. Grump.
I went to bed too late,but I didn't give a darn.. Grump.

I'm grumping right now. I don't want to do anything. I just want to be grumpy!!!

I'm going through a hard part of the diet right now. Every food looks good right now. I'm going through withdrawal again. My mother in law told me that there are times through out an addiction you go through these withdrawal symptoms. Like being an alcoholic, but this is with food. I need to get through this week being good. I haven't really cheated over all. I did try some coconut oil chocolate bark. You put 3Tlbsp of coconut oil w/ 1 T of cocoa powder and some stevia. Yes it's a protocol no-no, but a LOT of women say it helps sometimes. Well, I don't think it works on me though. I don't want to try it again but I'm tempted.

I'm not going to eat off protocol right now, because the devistation I will feel from gaining weight is too much to bare, I only have 4 more weeks till the stupid cruise. Yes I'm grumping. And then I can eat more food. I really want chocolate. I am so craving chocolate right now. I want to eat a bar of dark bitter sweet chocolate at the 75%. Any more then it doesn't taste as fabulous as I want it to. I want to sit in a tub full of chocolate, I want to swim in a pool of chocolate. I've been craving food, just filling my face full of food. mmmmm. I would keep it p3. ;)hehe.

My husband is still on hcg. He loves his new body. He feels so much better in it. He looks amazing too! I have to see, I find him a bit more vava vavoom. :)

Wow. I actually feel a little better just releasing the grump. When I would get this way my husband would pull out a 'pretend airosol can' and spray me with 'Grump begone" and 1/2 the time it would actually work. I told him his can was empty when it didn't work. But then we would have a good laugh and it would all fade away.

Wish me luck in keeping it together! I wish all you ladies much success and contentment this week! Find one thing you have wanted to do, even if it 'one day totally on protcol' and plan for which day you will do it, and do it! make the time! We make time for all sorts of other things we really want to do. Just find 10 minutes or something to do 1 thing you would love to do.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

R1P2: Day 84 - 50 lb MARK!!

Weight: 233.8 lbs
Loss of: .8
Total Loss: 50 lbs
Body Fat: 46%

50 lbs GONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!

I'm happy, and to celebrate this occasion I tried on my size 16 dress (though it's a BIG 16 because I am just fitting comfy into my size 18 dresses, and size 22 pants.

I'm so happy to have reached the 50 lb mark. I should get some more boots! heh. We will see what I can get out of the hubby. It's like a b-day. I'm 1/3 to my goal weight. I said I would like to lose 150 lbs total. That should get me in the 133.8 area. We will see what I do decide on when I get closer, but now it's 150.

I am trying to go through all my clothes and pair it down, I'm also putting to the side the clothes I would like to wear on the cruise. I should check my suitcase, but it will only be me for 1 suitcase, so I should have PLENTY of room.

I want to declutter a little if I can, I like that idea to get rid of the old and stuff that just seems to get into the way.

Monday, November 2, 2009

R1P2: Day 83

Weight: 234.6 lbs
Loss of: 1
Total Loss: 49.2 lb

Ha! I'm .8 away from a true 50 lb loss. heeeeee. :) I lost a lb today. I won't be comfortable feeling I'm on the downward slide till I see more losses this week!

I'm only 14 lbs away from my goal before the trip, Tomorrow I get my Fat % calculator machine and then I hit the toning. I hope in the month I can get some serious toning done if I put my mind on it. I need to go to the gym and have them measure me properly. I'm excited.

I was thinking I could use their machines as well as my Wii Fit Plus game. I'm not sure how their yoga program will help me because it looks hard, but I can go to my fitness gym and do yoga every Wednesday. Maybe I will pick a couple classes to go to.

Pilates helps you w/ posture and toning right? Yoga is a good toning, though I know that the Wii and Gym don't do the spiritual aspect which I am stubornly attached to! I think that a whole body, mind, soul work out is the best.

Halloween comes and goes too quickly for me. Now for Turkey Day and Xmas. I want to do some sewing projects for people. I get to see my family this year. My brother's live on the East Coast and so it's very rare for them to come out to us for Xmas.

My husband and I are working on a cookbook together so I can sell at my doctors office, but I'm going to expand it to selling it online. It will be p2 recipes we have come up with or really modified from tradtional stuff. We really enjoy doing that and we have some amazing soups I want to share with the world. We are more 'a dahs of this and a squirt of that' people, so we will have some time making real recipes for others to follow. heh.

I ordered some cards to share with people when they ask 'how did you lose the weight' and want to know more about HCG, I will give them a card w/ my web site that I will have up to share some positive good information about hcg. Sample menu, manual of simione and various other things so they can see some positive stuff about hcg. I was in Walmart yesterday to get some cheap jeans when I told a woman I had lost about 50 lbs and deserve new jeans! Then the husband comes around the corner and says he lost 20 lbs and needed new jeans. The woman was like "WHAT INTHE WORLD DID YOU GUYS DO!" and I told her. I gave her my email address and to contact me if she wanted more information. I'm going to get that website up asap though so I can direct her there. I already had another woman email about the diet and I gave her the manual, she said she would put the cards at her store when I had them made. I think this diet is like wild fire and everyone should be able to know about it and make it part of their choice.

Thought for the day: Is it about the pounds or about the inches? We know if we lose weight, especially a lot of it, that the pounds will go down on the scale, but what about the inches? This diet has the draw back of focusing every day on a number on the scales. We don't have a great device that lets us know about inches lost. I have stopped really working out in fear of gaining weight due to muscle or water gain. The numbers won't be as impressive. Honestly. I love seeing 30 lbs from someone, but I think I get more impressed by the inches they announce. Or the pant size they have finally gotten into.

That is why I have decided to pay 26 dollars for a little machine that lets me know, even though I work out, what my fat % is. I hope w/ the scale, and this little machine I can feel like I can work out and still lose the fat.

Don't forget that the inches 'weight just as much if not more' then the lbs we lose. Numbers are nice but a smaller digit dress size seems a little more telling.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

R1P2: Day 82

Weight: 235.6 lbs
Loss of: .4
Total Loss: 48.2 lb

So I hit my 15 mark the DAY AFTER I wanted the 15 lbs. Sigh. That is my jinx'ing nature.
That means 15 more lbs to hit before the cruise.

I have noticed a significant loss of size in various areas and it's sort of weird. I feel more blubbery fat because so much fast is being lost and the stuff that remains is more jello. :P But I will get a slimmer for the cruise so it doesn't jiggle. heh.

Wow. To think I am 15.4 lbs away from what I was on November 18th 2000. Just amazing. I will be at what I thought was 'slightly over weight' in my body type. I was in the 16/18 range in pants, size 14 in shirt.

Once I hit 180 it will be pre-marriage territory for me, and we will be celebrating our 12th year anni this March. heh.

I hope everyone had a Fab Halloween! I was 1 of 4 Jedi at the party, and it was a hit. Everyone admired my hard work, the guys got credit for helping me too. It wasn't a one pony show. We got pictures taken in various poses as a group. It was fun. The party was a lot of fun. No drinking and I stayed on protocol the whole way through.
Two issues though:
1. For dinner we had our foods, but we didn't have a scale, so we had to chicken wing it. ;0) heh.
2. We had snacks at the party but didn't weigh. I didn't worry since I did weigh the apples (they had a scale and apples are very iffy for me) but didn't bother w/ the celery. Those were the only snacks I had, I did have a little dip. MY FIRST NON-PROTOCAL CHEAT! It was a p2 thing my friend made, but tech it wasn't allowed, but some people do it.
It was a non fat cottage cheese, some non fat milk, and spices. I took about 1 teaspoon of it and I just smeared it on tips of celery. So I had maybe a 1/2 teaspoon of it. They put in black food coloring so it looked odd, but tasted awesome!

Our kid stayed over night at grandparents so we came home to an empty home and we were able to cuddle and be close all night.

Well, I'm off to be lazy today! :)