Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick update: The scoop on the ..... TMI!


So, things are moving. I took a probotic pill today, had onions for lunch (might have helped?) and drank a lot of water/tea. I think the pill really did it.
I took another one for this evening. Will do that for a couple days will the tummy is back into order.
It was nice to have that 'gotta go NOW' feeling. Felt so much relief.

Sorry for so much TIM.

Took another detox bath, will take some 'moving' capsules tonight to help everything along and drinking some warm camamile tea tonight. Mmmm.

Going to also try something new: Eating fruit before I eat meals. No night time fruit shake for me. I will do warm tea instead. Someone says it really helps with digestion- no fruit dessert. Which is okay. Its nice to fill up on a shake before dinner and take my time to cook.

R1P2: Day 50 of VLCD

Weight: 250.6 lbs
Gain of: 1.2 lb
Total Loss: 33.2 lbs

I gained, but I also feel like a freaking balloon. I took antibiotics but was told that I shouldn't have a problem unless I have a sensitive stomach. I normally don't have a 'sensitive' anything but I do a stomach. I eat something wrong and two hours later I will FEEL IT!
So, guess what, I ended my meds yesterday, I did a detox bath a day before that. The weather pressure changed, so I got a triple play there. Tie a string to my leg, I am full of gas. I feel miserable.

Called the doctor, still waiting to hear from them. I called my MIL and she gave me some great advice. I took 3x 250mg of Magnesium. Drinking a lot of water just to get my body to flush this out. I feel so aweful. Now I get what everyone is talking about on this diet and constipation. I hate bloating. I get this maybe once every 3-4 months of gas pockets. I would normally do some stretches and some massaging of the bowels in a clockwise fashion, and in an hour it would be done with. :S Not this time. anyways.

So far I have been doing really good on the diet, I try not to mix veggies. I'm just frustrated.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

R1P2: Day 49 of VLCD

Weight: 249.4 lbs
Loss of: 1 lb
Total Loss: 34.4 lbs

A couple goals were met this morning!

I am below the 250 mark! :) YEAY! The crowd goes WILD!

I also hit 15.2 lbs for the month of September. I have wanted to lose about 15 lbs a month so I can 'stay on course'. I realize my body will do what it does, but I really want to acheive a 15 lb monthly loss so I can say "I will be uber thin, or rather I will hit my target weight in March. End of march. Yippee!"

I have, for the first time, have delt with uncomfortable bowel. normally everything has been moving.. well.. Normally. Yesterday and the previous day it started acting up. Today seems fine, but wow. Now I understand what people were complaining about.

I work out today so we will see how that ..heh... works out. :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

R1P2: Day 48 of VLCD

Weight: 250.4 lbs
Loss of: .0 lbs
Total Loss: 33.4 lbs

I'm good. Heh. I didn't lose, but I detoxed last night and had a BM yesterday and today. So I was surprised, but I hope to see that loss tomorrow.

We ate late today since we went to the store to buy some stuff. I got some of that coconut oil to let my hubby try. We will see how it works. I got some green onions and it's nice to add to a tuna salad. Pretty too. I added some lettuce, some tomatoes and green onions. Very Christmasy. :) heh.

Tried some Yerba Matta. YUCK! It tasted like mud, and I added some stevia- now it tastes like really sweet mud. Get that taste out of my mouth!!!!! I am going to try to drink some green tea every day.

I'm a relaxed a bit, which is nice. The weather has that lazy day gloom that Washington is known for. I want hot cocoa right now, with little marshmallows. Sit in a comfy chair draped in warm blankets watching my favorite shows. mmmmmm. That is what I enjoy on days like today.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

R1P2: Day 47 of VLCD

Weight: 250.4 lbs
Loss of: .8 lbs
Total Loss: 33.4 lbs

So, I guess the scales were good to me. I thought I was going to go to 250 by .2 increments. Thank you scale!! :) I thought I would hit that mark by Today. I'm close enough to feel good about it.

I realize, w/ this diet you can't hurry up and lose more weight. You already are losing a lot of weight and if you stay on protocol you should continually lose weight at a good average. You can't 'speed' it up like for instance on weight watchers, you can eat a little less, make better food choices and you can walk 10 more times around your neighborhood to get an extra pound or two. heh.

I was invited to go on a cruise w/ my parents. All expense paid trip. They got a very special deal to add a 3rd person to their room. They have been so excited to see my lose, I think this is a 'way to go' in the way they can only say it. heh. I do have to admit, when I went to visit them yesterday they acted as if I won the lottery when they saw me. :) They got SO excited to see my progress. We hadn't seen each other for a couple weeks. What a couple weeks can do!

We will see if all the babysitting goes through and then I am going to enjoy myself w/ a week break from the diet as well. I can't go on a vacation and eat p2 on a cruise. :P hehe. But it has motivated me for another two months of 'staying the course'. I felt a little mentally run down, but this is such a big opportunity that I am so excited that it refueled me for the next 70 days. heh. I hope to lose 35 more pounds as well before the trip. (If it happens)

Has anyone found more success w/ a little exercise? I am not going to the gym to bust a gut, but to do 30 minutes of steady treadmill and some toning. Does it help the process along? Otherwise I will chalk it up for endurance and toning. I find I am weaker on the upper body toning, believe me, I am not trying to be some power woman, I do about 30 slow reps on 2 machines.

I don't do melba, I rarely have been doing apple/oranges. I stick to berries. I do a grapefruit in the morning, I tend to do either raspberries or strawberries in the evening. I have not been doing a lot of mixing w/ veggies either. I get some great results for me. I really feel I am doing really good right now. I've also lowered my water consumption from 5-6 liters to 3-4 liters. I really wonder if drinking too much water doesn't help. I don't know. I could now try it a couple times and see if I get better/worse or indifferent results.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

R1P2: Day 46 of VLCD

Weight: 251.2 lbs
Loss of: .2 lbs
Total Loss: 32.6 lbs

Isn't it something. when your THAT close to a goal you start moving at snails pace. We might have eaten too much beef yesterday, then we had beef this afternoon w/ friends. Oops. So we will see about tomorrow. I had chicken w/ tomatoes for dinner, over the rest of my salad I couldn't eat this afternoon- lettuce.

Some days if I think they will be long, I eat a LOT of lettuce, or rather I make a lot of lettuce and put it on the side and have it as I see fit. But I really didn't need it.

Today is pretty good. Plugging along. :)
Parents came back from a camping trip. Watched a bunch of awesome photos of their trip and what was very nice is that they were so excited to see me and my weight loss. My mom really sees it now. It's awesome. It was a bit frustrating at first since they supported the diet, but rarely said anything about my weight. So they made up for it tonight. Heh. To think, soon I will be fitting in a lot of great size 18 things. My pants are sooo baggy. My butt isn't as big. :D I really think I am a size 22-20 right now. We will see. I need to go to a plus size store and find out. I went to ross and they only had sweat pants in size 22.


Friday, September 25, 2009

R1P2: Day 45 of VLCD

Weight: 251.4 lbs
Loss of: .6 lbs
Total Loss: 32.4 lbs

Plugging along. The hubby and friends are now doing the hhcg. 10 lbs from one friend, 4 lbs for the hubby! :) He has maybe 30 lbs to lose total. Others have over 100. Its nice to slide w/ them! :)

Ever since I have gone non-veggie mixing I get a lost almost every day. YEAY! I also do not eat melba. I ate an apple for the first time in over a week, and still got a loss so I will include apples slowly into my diet again to 'mix it up' from time to time.

I have gotten into a veggie rut a little bit. We have decided to buy some frozen veggies like broc and cauli. I like cauli and hubby wants brocc. So we don't have too much fresh to go back in the fridge but still have variety. :)

I need more tomatoes. I have to calculate food for the hubby now as well. heh. :P Goes a bit faster. But our fridge looks pretty clean, and our son eats pretty much what we eat, so it's not like we have a whole different menu for him. He loves veggies as well. He will take a HUGE cucumber and have that sucker eaten in two days, I love my little 3yr old. heh I swear some of the cucumbers are bigger then his head. :)

The antibotics makes me a little loopy but I'm not driving anywhere so that's okay. I just want this stupid UTI gone! :) It's made me a little bit lazy, but meh. :)

I had chicken w/ a new spice (rotisserie mix that is protocol worthy) but the chicken ended up a little dry. I was cooking 2 chickens, and we over cooked it a little due to the hubby's chicken being still a little frozen. He said his was juicy. :P heh. At least the spices where good. I ate cauliflower, he had broccoli.

Dinner: We tried a meatloaf and cabbage. The meatloaf got a rubbery outside. :P But I will have to figure out a new recipe to make it better. I think I will cover it next time as well. We used onions, and a bunch of seasonings. No liquid. Not sure what we would use? Broth? I have cabbage broth left over and have put it in a jug to use from now on.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

R1P2: Day 43 of VLCD

Weight: 252 lbs
Loss of: .4 lbs
Total Loss: 31.8 lbs

My husband is now on my journey. I'm doing okay. I think seeing so many people I follow going into P3 made it a bit hard to sit still on p2. heh. It's the cheese.

I think I was semi-challenged this week with temptation. My husband loading was a feast to the eyes for me. I don't physically crave the stuff, but I do mentally. I was hoping to be mentally immune to all foods I can't have. :P

We bought more spices yesterday! I looked at 'mixed' spices and they all are p2 okay. I thought that would 'spice' things up a little. I also bought the 'apple pie spice' for my hubby who loves apply pie, but he will have to do w/o the cream. hehe. He was a little sad when we put down the steaks w/o the sauce, but once he ate it he was okay. He loves sauces. I have to admit- I'm a sauce fan too. To me they can cover up the flavor of the food, so that is my challenge to myself to learn that foods need to be exposed. I remember the Saturday morning Egg guy - "Don't drown your food" hehe. Now who else remembers that?

Next Saturday will be my b-day. We are having dinner at my parents. We will see what they do. I want to make everyone something yummy. LIke I said before.. we don't eat dragon poop. We actually eat some amazingly tasteful foods that everyone else seems to water over.

I'm going to try a roast this Saturday for 4 of us on the VLCD and 2 guys who are not. We will see how it turns out. Everyone brings their own side.

OH! I made a lemontini last night! Virgin style. Heh. So I took a lot of ice, filled our little personal blender w/ it. Crushed it a bit, then added 1/2 cup water, 1/2 lemon squeezed juice, 5 drops of the stevia lemon (next time just plain stevia) and mixed it. Put it in a martini glass, and garnished it with a slice of lemon. MMMMMM. I felt so grown up! :)hehe. My son came over and could drink some, he eventually Bogart'ed it and took all the ice. :) It was cute, I later gave him BIG ice and he wanted it crushed like mommy. He sat w/ a spoon enjoying it. He loves ice.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

R1P2: Day 42 of VLCD

Weight: 252.4 lbs
Loss of: 1 lbs
Total Loss: 31.4 lbs

Hola folks! I'm feeling good, I have pretty much have done a good amount of losses every day. Yesterday I weighed myself about an hour after I woke up and found myself down to 253. So I felt that I didn't realllly have a gain. heh. I woke up so early.

I am not really eating apples nor oranges, but I was allowed any berry. I have enjoyed a small amount of raspberries. Yum!

I am going to my chiropractor after a month, YEAY! My back hasn't been feeling that bad actually since I lost weight. It's nice. So I hope he puts me out another month.

I have been sleeping slightly differently. My body gets smaller so I don't have to be so accommodating to fat that isn't there anymore, and my waist really is more noticeable.

It was funny how I hit the 25 lb mark, then getting into the 250's, then the 30 lb mark boom, boom, boom, boom and now I'm waiting for my next mini goal of 250 on the nose. Then it will be the 40 lb mark. Trying to keep these goals VERY mini. heh. So I have something to celebrate almost every week if I am good.
I also have the semi-goal of 15lbs per month. I'm 3 lbs shy of that.

I felt bored this week, and I didn't want to mix my veggies, but I realized what was getting at me. I really wanted my chicken and salsa. I left out the celery, but had tomatoes and .1 oz of onions. That really felt good to eat it. I realize something though- I ate it too fast. I get into that habit sometimes. I eat wayyyy tooo fast. I was enjoying a movie, and I some how think I have to chow it down. :(

We worked on making the yard winter ready. Yeay! We have been slow with various things, but wanted to wait to take down our old compost before we planted a tree in that area, but we had to wait till most of our garden beds were done. They are, so we got our tree planted now! :) Looks good. I like progress. Substantial progress. Like I know that if I lose 20 lbs only, I might gain it back. but w/ this program, I am going to go for the 150 lbs, and if I gain 5 of it back, it's okay, I can manage it and do something about it then, and with a renewed hypothalamus working for ME, and not the food industry, I should be better at losing.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

R1P2: Day 42 of VLCD

Weight: 253.4 lbs
GAIN of: .2 lbs
Total Loss: 30.4 lbs

I don't want to do .2 gain, a loss, gain a loss. :P Not my cup a tea!

I don't think it's the cranberry pills, but I think it was lack of water perhaps? I also ate dinner and fruit VERY late so I wonder if that could have been it? No clue. We will see.

So 1 more loading day for the hubby. Then he is doing vlcd tomorrow. Heh. We will see how it goes, he has a TON of food to still eat.

I'm very tired today. Woke up too early, and then fell asleep. I think I might have over slept. :P

I had tuna and tomatoes last night. Yum. I felt a little bored w/ food in a way. I used to have the husband cook from time to time or grab something out of the fridge really quick, now a days I'm cooking full meals 2 x a day. That part is wearing on me, so I am going to figure out some ways to 'quickly' do some dishes. Maybe pre-cook a couple dishes and put them in the fridge for the next day.

Monday, September 21, 2009

R1P2: Day 41 of VLCD

Weight: 253.2 lbs
GAIN of: 1.6 lbs
Total Loss: 30.6 lbs

I didn't just HIT my 30 lbs, I moved past it by .6!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Talk about bio-polar diet too! One day your like WHAT?!? (see your not alone akaSkinnyMe) Then the next day your like WHOOHOOO!!! It's like a normal diet, just instead of each week, you get it on a day to day basis. Though I am not complaining too loudly. It still has the 'well, okay, I can deal, I did lose 30 lbs in 40 days", oh and I can feel my rib bones, they DO exists on me. Oh, and I really do have knees. Oh, and smaller sized CAN fit on me, that was not a high school delusion!

So, I do feel better w/ my UTI, I took two cranberry Pills, I am a little frustrated that I was told it masks symptoms if you have a UTI. :( I want them to work! I think they will. I still lost way taking cranberry pills. I did count them as calories though. 50 calories. :P But no other additive. I mean, I guess they are real cranberries. heh.

I haven't been so imaginative with food:
Had my Mexican flavor yesterday: Hot Chicken and dipped my celery in the vinegar/cayanne mix. YUM! I miss Mexico! I go every year and I want to wear a bikini the next time I go.

Then I eat Steak and onions- I actually got the onions to caramelize a bit w/ some curry. YUM! It just takes time and patience. (Like I say- I'm not a doctor, I don't have patients) heh. anywho

Sunday, September 20, 2009

R1P2: Day 40 of VLCD

Weight: 254.8 lbs
GAIN of: .6(.2 a reloss) lbs
Total Loss: 29 lbs

Every closer to my 250 mini goal, and almost 30 lbs. :D yeay!

So I have a small bladder infection. I am going to drink a lot of water (heh) and get some cranberry or raspberry tea, maybe if I can find some cranberry pills. I will call my doctor if it doesn't clear up. I hear there is a D-mennose? out there that is good. I don't want to go too far off protocol, but at the same time I care enough about my health that I will lose whatever weight I incur to get healthy of bladder infection. Sigh.

I haven't had a bladder infection in AGES. I almost didn't know what was going on. heh. I used to get yeast infections when In high school, but that was about it down there.

Oh, had a get together yesterday, everyone ate pizza while I ate a steak and tomatoes. I have to admit. Mine looked better to me. :) It's funny when I see people eating something 'junky' and then they look at me and go.. Wow.. That looks good. I'm like, just because I am limited to my foods, doesn't mean you can't eat it too! I don't eat mystical diet dragon poop reserved only for the weight loss people. Sigh.

I was going to make a fish and tomato soup for my parents, but decided to cancel since I woke up so late. I was up till around 4am w/ this darned thing, then uneasy rest the rest of the night. :P I will take a nap at some point. heh. I still lost weight though. yeay!

I realize I'm a little 'worn out' from the diet. I think it really wears when it's 3am in the morning. I have already eaten all my food, I'm hungry because I keep running to the bathroom, I'm tired and I want to eat something, but I ate my 'allotted food' and I just want something.

Question: Let us say that I eat Steak and Tomatoes, and then fish and iceberg lettuce. I'm sitting at 416 calories. What can I eat at 3am in the morning? Could I put in a few more handfuls of lettuce just to get that cranky hunger away? It was a bit miserable.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

R1P2: Day 39 of VLCD

Weight: 255.4 lbs
GAIN of: .2 lbs
Total Loss: 28.4 lbs

I GAINED? .2 lbs. WHY!?!?!?!?! I did pretty much everything to protocol. I didn't drink as much water though. but I got my 2liters in at least. Most of it late at night.
I slept a good while, and I am finishing up my TOM. Maybe that was it?

anywho... at least my clothes fit.

Friday, September 18, 2009

quick clothes update

I just went through all my closets and pulled out all the clothes and tried them on. Some I need a couple more weeks for a PERFECT fit, but come on, at least they fit right? And that size 8 dress- ya right. Not yet. It's okay.

What was weird was that a size 20 was a little bit too tight, but my red dress which is a size 18 fits... okay! :P

I can fit into most of my clothes at this point, some sweaters fit so well, some shirts I recently bought when I was 283 fit me a LOT better. My 'big shirts' give me more cleavage because of the shoulders, but my other 'plunging' necklines are not as plunging in the boob department since I am a little flatter. I love it. I have to sew up the straps of a few of my 'big' tank tops!

I now love my clothes. Last night I fit into a Halloween costume I wanted to wear this year. Last week the arms were too tight. It's a wonderful top I got on a trip to California during Halloween and I wore it every Halloween. Very Gothic. I would color my hair black and wear the top and black skirt. This is when I got a little bigger, before that I would wear a kitty costume (nothing too sexy because I would take my neice trick or treating- she was a mouse one year) but then I became a 'fat cat' so I went for the 'Goth Chick' :) hehe.

I should post some of my high school pictures, and then some pictures of when I got plump. Sigh.

R1P2: Day 38 of VLCD

Weight: 255.2 lbs
Loss of: .4 lbs
Total Loss: 28.6 lbs

Quick Shoutout to my peeps- Thank you for all your support! Your comments always lighten up my day. I love seeing "Someone left you a comment" in my email. :D :D :D

Another loss. Okay- this 'stick to Simeone' plan is working in my favor. I did skip my fruit yesterday because my doctor is really wanting me to keep them 6 hours apart since it is too much sugar otherwise. It got late, I wasn't hungry so I skipped it. Still got my calories in.

Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Sliced tomatoes with salt, little dill, fresh basil and a shot of vinegar, plus a nice chunk of beef in the middle. I would cut slices off and eat it w/ the tomato. YUM!
Dinner: Taco Salad. mmmmmm Ground beef and lettuce

My TOM is here but is being very wonky. I'm having it maybe. on/off/on. LIke last night I didn't have a TOM. The HCG definatly is messing with it.

***********TMI TIME***********
Please avert eyes, not for the sexually squirmish (or the mother in laws that don't want to know about their kids sex life)

So, yes, maybe my thighs have not shrunk like I want them to, but my hubby did say they are smaller. Yesterday I got to be intimate with my husband with out any 'sexual aids' and I got to feel less like a beach whale while making love. Our sex life has improved. I'm losing fat in my private areas which makes my sexual sensation more sensitive! Losing weight also helps in the sex department! :D yeay!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

R1P2: Day 37 of VLCD

Weight: 255.6 lbs
Loss of: .4 lbs
Total Loss: 28.2 lbs

Yeay! 3 days of losses, and I'm on my TOM. Maybe that is my weight loss secret- TOM. heh. anywho.

I have been VERY much on protocol. NO mixing veggies, but have raised my calories to hit over 400 at least. It's hard sometimes to reach that it seems. But I've been planning and rewriting and making sure that at least 430 is the min. I eat because there are some veggies I don't want to eat too much of. I have allowed myself 4oz of protein to help raise the calories w/o truck loads of veggies. heh.

I have noticed loss in my upper body and yesterday I bent my knee and it looked funny because the fat and my body are becoming 2 things. What I mean is that you see my knee and then you see that the body is underneath the fat. Like a 'fat suit' hiding ME underneath. It has been a back and forth thing. I never really 'owned' my fat. It's not ME, it's hanging on me. Years of unhealthy eating habits. I once realized that it was the abuse I was doing to my body, and I tried to 'get away from it' by doing what I could to lose weight, but that became a challenge. Now it's amazing how I am showing up and the fat is becoming simple physical 'baggage'.

One of the things I'm a little fustrated with. I'm lossing everywhere BUT my thighs it seems. hehe. I wanted my thighs to be attacked a bit more. But that is the last part to always lose because THAT is my problem area, and if hcg holds true- I WILL FINALLY resolve that issue of 'gaining in my thighs!' I've already begun to lose my butt a bit. But and thighs are big in my father's side of the family. We all got big butts. :P


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

R1P2: Day 36 of VLCD
Weight: 256 lbs
Loss of: 1.2 lbs
Total Loss: 27.8 lbs

So, I see I haven't written in a couple days. Been busy with all sorts of things. Like going to the doctor for a check up. She told me that my 'trying some things' is going to get me into trouble, so I am going back to more standard. heh. She has included a couple more things like berries into my diet since I really don't want to eat apples and oranges. Even before the diet they were considered something for me to avoid. Too much sugar. Especially oranges. I'm going to limit my mixing of veggies. I think I got a little to much for a while. So I am going 'strict' Simeone and kicking this into gear. I did it yesterday and woke up to a 1.2 loss. Previous day .6 loss. She looked at my charting and saw I slowed down a little w/ the playing around. It helped to talk to her because I felt it has been going so slow, but if I stop and look at the numbers, I really haven't been going slow.

I tried on a bra yesterday. I had bought a new black bra, but wanted a tan color bra to go under white shirts I can NOW fit into! :D So I got a size.. wait for it.. 40!!!! bra. Yes, I went up a cup to D because the C was a bit too funny looking. But the 40 was SO comfortable. YEAY! Something as simple as a 40 on a bra when I came from a 48 is so comforting to me, and shows me progress.

I made an amazing soup today. Sharing time!
Basil Tomato soup- I cooked tomatoes in water and let the taste leach out. Put in some of my favorite spices, plus fresh basil. Then I slightly blended it. my oh my was it good!!! Secret tip: Add a little vinegar. Just a little! It really helps.
I had it with baked fish. I have enjoyed backed fish with a sprinkle of onion and garlic powders. I love onion powder because it gives that onion flavor with out adding big junks of onion! :)


Sunday, September 13, 2009

R1P2: Day 33 of VLCD

Weight: 257.8 lbs
Loss of: 0.8 lbs
Total Loss: 26 lbs

I'm very tired today. Will take a nap. Not a good restful nap. We finally opened the window and it was better. But some guy thought it would be nice to work on his roof this morning, and not a pound pound pound, but a pound.... a moment of silence.. then anouther pound. As if he was trying not to wake anyone up. :P

I started late yesterday:
Breakfast: Coffee
Snack: Grapefruit
Lunch: Hot chicken and what was left of the salsa, some celery
Dinner: Cauliflower and an egg mixed w/ spices and baked for 6 minutes- I need wax paper, it stuck and so I took it out earlier. YUMMY and filling
Snack: 3 egg whites - FILLING

I skipped a fruit because it got too late and had to finish the egg to get a serving of protein according to Simeone.

anywho. More later!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

R1P2: Day 32 of VLCD

Weight: 258.6 lbs
Loss of: 0 lbs
Total Loss: 25.2 lbs

Hello Everyone,

I've been reading some forums and I realize that I would like to 'play' a little with my protocol. Mostly about decreasing the fruit a little bit and increasing the protein. I have heard many people be very successful about doing that. I have always been a protein sort of gal and never processed the sugars well, so it would be interesting. Nothing radical though.

I do want to try the Cauliflower pizza that I have hard a lot about. My doctor allows Cauliflower, I would like to see how I do on it. And you mix it with egg, and I see in the protocol you can add egg whites. We will see. I like the quick reponse time that our body gives us so we know tomorrow if it really was a bad idea.

Thur I upped my protein a little since I worked out so hard. I felt a little weak afterwards.

Breakfast: Orange
Lunch: Shrimp and Onion Curry
Dinner: Steak and cabbage. Fresh from the garden! I had only a little.
Late night snack: Strawberry smoothie

I stayed up wayyyy to late to enjoy a mini-series. "Wives and Daughters" Very enjoyable show. I love period pieces and I have become very fond of many of the actors that play within the piece. I see them often in period pieces and they are a delight to watch. I'm the kind of person who will follow actors around, not shows. heh. I will mostly watch something because it's an actor I want to support.

So I needless to say I didn't get a huge amount of sleep. I would perhaps take a nap but it's already pretty late. Just go to bed earlier.. LOL Ya right. :P


Friday, September 11, 2009

R1P2: Day 31 of VLCD

Weight: 258.6 lbs
Loss of: 1.2 lbs
Total Loss: 25.2 lbs

I made my 25 lb loss!! :) yeay!

I enjoyed a bit yesterday. I worked out a bit too much. heh. But felt weak afterwards, I was worn. Then I had some more protien. 1.5 oz more actually for dinner. I also had some mixed veggies, and applesauce. My friend comes on Thursdays, and it was nice to eat all together. They had an extra side but we all had roasted chicken, a salad, they had mac and cheese. Then later on we all had home made apple sauce. :) It was VERY nice. I don't eat like an alien! I eat what everyone else can, just not with added oil and such. Sigh. I've been thinking of making meals for the family and have us all eat the same thing but add a side for hubby.

Breakfast: Grapefruit bits
Lunch: Yummy Taco Salad
Dinner: Roasted Chicken, lots of garlic, and a salad with tomato and onion bits.
Dessert: Applesauce w/ a little cinnamon. :)

I thought it was intersting. I didn't get enough sleep yesterday, so I took a nap in the afternoon. I peaked on the scale and I was down .6 lbs. Then this morning I woke up too early, but I had to pee and did a quick weight. I was down again the .6 lbs, went back to sleep and ended up with a total loss of 1.2. So sort of .6 yesterday, and .6 after getting a bit more sleep. Mind boggling.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

R1P2: Day 30 of VLCD

Weight: 259.8 lbs
Loss of: 0 lbs
Total Loss: 24 lbs

No loss, but happy w/ the 2 in a row loss. I bet if I had better sleep last night, went to bed earlier and slept in later I might have seen some loss. I'm wise now to the sleeping.

My hubbies birthday was yesterday 9/9/9 :D We went to his parents house, and they had these sandwhiches which are yummy but I didn't feel I HAD to have. So no temptation, though lately I haven't felt temptation for anything but filling my body with something when hungry. I've gotten a little lazy w/ food, but it's okay. Not bored.

Breakfast: Coffee w/ vanilla stevia and ice
Lunch: Shrimp/onion curry
Snack: Orange, some w/ lunch too.
Dinner: Roasted Chicken with a simple salad w/ some grapefruit
Snack: Rest of the salad and grapefruit (had to finish to get my calories)

I'm feeling pretty positive right now. I have noticed my weight loss has shifted to a 0,0, loss, loss, 0, 0, loss, loss. :P I am going to try to go to bed early and sleep in. hehe. Break the cycle and get more losses! I'm having a hard time figuring out what I can eat and what I can't eat. I'm wondering if I should do 2 days the same just to see. No clue.

I will try to play with eggs and cauliflower. It's on my doctors approved list, I want to make a 'pizza dough' that I saw. They use a cheese, but I will drop that. If it's too nasty I will wait till p3. But I would love to make one and throw chicken on top :) But come p3 I have a feeling it will be my best pizza replacement dish. :D

anywho. Off to work out

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

R1P2: Day 29 of VLCD

Weight: 259.8 lbs
Loss of: 1.2 lbs
Total Loss: 24 lbs

YEAY ME! I got another loss in a row. I have had:
1.2 - Today

So it will be interesting. I have upped my amount of food to hit into the 400's. I will try. I have gone more conservative for the last 2 days of eating only 2 veggies, but more of them. No mixing right now. I have taken out apples, I hear that it burns less fat? The sugar or something.

2 pounds in 2 days. I am so excited.

Breakfast: Orange slices
Lunch: Fish and Tomato soup
Snack: Celery in hot sauce (vinegar and cayenne pepper)
Dinner: Roasted chicken w/ lots of garlic and some rosemary. YUM!
Snack: Celery w/ hot sauce again
Dessert: Strawberry smoothie (on protocol)

I worked out yesterday, I think I pushed a bit too hard and didn't eat enough beforehand. Made me a little woozie. I sat on the floor waiting for my mom to finish. It feels weird, being the 'fat girl sitting' while others are exercising. I did tell the owner that I am on medication that limits how hard I push myself. She got it, and is on my side to 'listen to your doctor'. I said no to one lady who wanted me on the floor doing a hard workout. I have my system. I do 20 minutes of light walk and then 2 toning (easy) exercises and then stretch on the floor. I am going to up my walking to 25 minutes I think though. My mom does an hour floor exercise, and I don't want too much of me sitting doing nothing. heh. I will work up to 30 -35 minutes. Leaves me time for 2 upper body toning things and stretch. I am working on becomeing more flexible like I was not too long ago.

So I bought the best bra lately which happened to be a black bra. Doesn't go with my summer clothes very well hehe, but I put on black panties today just because, and decided to try on some things. I was able to put a sarong on that looked actually pretty decent in the mirror. Like a bikini. I have that stomach that is still out there, but those indentations that look like thin women. So it didn't look bad. I felt really good. I wouldn't go into public in this, but it still felt sexy. I need to feel like a sexy woman again. Not a big fat cat that blubbs around. :P

Question to all those who have cheated on this diet. I just can't imagine cheating because I am totally accountable to my doctor. The husband told me when I have a goal to work towards and I see progress I have a very strong resolve.
I think the 'accountability towards doctor' is huge. So what motivates you to actually pop that item into your mouth? No offense, I just want to understand reasons. I don't mean planned cheats either.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

quick mental update

After reading Nikki's blog today I came to my own thoughts about food.

Most diets I think are so much about being hungry or finding 'no points' food we can gorge out on all day long, how can we put a pizza in our diet. Keeping the unhealthy motivations for food still there.

I realize for the most part, I do enjoy a really rich chocolate treat. I do enjoy ice cream, but I never indulged in a lot of BAD foods, just foods that looked nice on the outside w/ a lot of nasty stuff on the inside. I love gourmet but you truly need 'clean' ingredients to go into them.
I kept away from potatoes while stuffing myself with icky bad chemicals deemed 'healthy' and 'low fat' when really whole clean foods is where it is at. A potato doesn't have to be a nasty word. heh.

I plan to stick, after I'm goal weight and heading into the sunset to use pure, unbleached, un-hydrogenated, recognizable foods that will do my body good, even if the 'diet police' feel that what I might be eating is not kosher to what they think I should eat. Whole foods baby! :) Means more making of my own stuff. heh. I want pizza, but I want to make it w/ my pure ingredients. Or shop more at the co-op knowing that they will help me in the fight for 'clean' food! :)

Oh and I have been hearing good things about coconut oil. I think I will examine other non-american cultures for even more great things that have been 'bleached' out of our society! :P

R1P2: Day 28 of VLCD

Weight: 261 lbs
Loss of: .8 lbs
Total Loss: 22.8 lbs

Various things. Bad tester. I'm a tester at heart. What does that mean? I love problem solving and finding what 'went wrong' in things. I used to work for a company doing software testing and I LOVED IT! anywho. I put too many variables to a possible loss.

Okay- I had 4liters of water, which has been pretty standard. I have left out an apple because I hear apples can reduce Ketosin (sp?), and I did not mix veggies. Today I will continue to leave out the apple. I was also expecting something of a loss anyways. I'm happy with .8 though. So today I will do without the apple, but I am putting in a tomato for my lunch soup. I have to quickly go work out, only afterwards did I think of shrimp salad. :P But soup doesn't get soggy waiting a couple hours. :P

I did a nice epsom salt bath. I was cranky last night so I think my TOM is about to come. It was that irrational crankiness I seem to get. I got out of a warm bath, sat myself down to watch some tv and my son wanted something every 15 minutes. My husband was doing something and he tried to help but couldn't get away from what he was doing so I was a but miffed. I should have just gone to bed.

anywho. I go work out today. I will do 1 mile of slow walking. I'm excited because I always feel better afterwards. :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

R1P2: Day 26 of VLCD

Weight: 261.8 lbs
Loss of: 0 lbs
Total Loss: 22 lbs

I'm a little befuddled at no loss today, but I'm not totally surprised. I did think I messed up a little last night. I had cucumbers for dinner w/ my salsa chicken. My mom was trying to be good and I needed the extra calories and I already had 3.0 oz of tomatoes I didn't want to go over.

I'm going to limit myself for the next couple days to 1 veggie per meal. I hate that I won't eat celery as a veggie because I don't like it, except for dipping into hot sauce. I think I need a couple days w/o it. heh. I'm addicted!!

Breakfast: Grapefruit bits
Lunch: Fish with cucumbers
Dinner: Tomato/onion salad (3oz,.5oz respectively) w/ chicken and a side of cucumbers. (I was a big spender tonight! That was my 'cheat')

Some people mix veggies okay. I have done okay, no real gain, but no loss either these last two days, though before I did some mixing of veggies and for the first time I had 2 losses in a row. I missed my 'no loss' the day before yesterday. In a way it ALL evens out if I do loss tomorrow.

I need to get baking soda and more epsom salt. I want to try the detox bath before bed. Sounds nice. Yesterday I put the rest of the salt I had into the bath and soaked for 1/2 hour in warm water. Turned on ocean sounds on my ipod and soaked w/o reading or watching anything. Sometimes I like to watch a movie in the tub to 'get away' from it all.

I think I am getting an ear infection/cold. It's been pretty cold in our bedroom at night. I will wear warm things today which normally helps. I will continue to drink a lot of water as well, some warm tea to boot.

Many years ago I tried Yerba Mate tea. It was WAY too much of something that didn't mix well with my chemistry. I can have severe reactions to certain chemicals especially when I haven't been eating well and having too much sugar. When I get too much processed sugar I go bonkers. So I am scared to try Yerba Mate, but at the same time I'm intrigued by a lot of others drinking it. I wonder w/o all the blood sugar issues on this diet, I could handle it. hmm.

These last couple days of mixing veggies has felt so naughty along with eating more veggies in general to hit my 500 calories. It seems so wrong, but still on protocol w/ the more veggies. I am going to be a bit more strict about mixing, but keep up with the 'more' amount. The doc had me at 3.5oz of 2 types of veggies and I was hitting 380 tops on my calories. Since I have been hitting more the 450-490 range I have NOT even been peckish. Nice. I feel really full.

It's funny- to spout: Oh goodness I can't eat anymore. Do I have to reach 500. heh. I am almost getting into the 'really the hcg does this? That if I stop I would be hungry from 500cal?'

Sunday, September 6, 2009

R1P2: Day 25 of VLCD

Weight: 261.8 lbs
Loss of: 0 lbs
Total Loss: 22 lbs

I am not upset about the no loss. I have gone Loss, no loss, rinse and repeat. I had a 1.4, then .6 THEN a 0 loss. I thought I had gained this morning. But when I plugged the number in I saw that this was the same as yesterday. I can live with that.

Breakfast: Grapefruit
Lunch: Shrimp on a bed of lettuce
Dinner: Celery and Salsa and Chicken
I put too much onion in the salsa and took some out and subtracted that.

We went to Costco and stocked up on a bunch of my stuff, I went ahead and bought fresh garlic. That is okay right? Not just minced or powder garlic? I love garlic.

I'm going to be sharing this recipe with my mom. I really think they would enjoy the stuff I eat because we have similar eating habits on this diet. heh. I eat so much more like them right now. I grew up eating like this, and then I left the house to fend for myself. Didn't do well. I didn't have boundaries that my mom put on me. heh.

I think of all the foods I would like to eat after this and I hope that I don't over indulge, and that I don't have to competely eliminate everything. I didn't hit horrid but I did have a lot of carbs I know I can control. Growing up German we would have a lot of hard breads with a bit of butter and meat or cheese. But always an open faced sandwhich. It wasn't till much later we were introduced to the 'mutch' bread.. The stuff you can make into a tiny squishy ball and you would use two slices for your bread. :P I think I am going to move more to that again. I didn't grow up with processed foods. I had to go to friends for that stuff. My mom in the last 15 years has moved to more processed, but over all it's fresh. I lost I think 20 lbs in 7 weeks when I went on a trip with my parents. Walking and eating like my parents did it. But I don't think we could go on a vacation till I was 135 lbs. ;) I love the food we get to eat. It's so fun. So many different ways to cook it. I realize I have to be careful with the mixing of veggies, I could go hog wild with that.

Since I have upped my calories to 450-500 I feel more full even. That extra 100 really makes a HUGE difference. I feel almost stuffed all the time. :P

Saturday, September 5, 2009

R1P2: Day 24 of VLCD

Weight: 261.8 lbs
Loss of: .6 lbs
Total Loss: 22 lbs

Yeay! a loss 2 days in a row! :D

Breakfast: Grapefruit bits
Lunch: Spicy chicken bits with a tomato and onion salsa, plus celergy for dunking in to hot sauce.

Dinner: Steak w/ onions and apples
Snack: applesauce (w/ too much cinnamon. apparently a little goes a long way)

I felt so good about the meals yesterday. I saw the loss so the mixing of veggies is not so horrid. Some people do it and some people don't. I needed to up my calories to try to hit my 500. I did 495 yesterday. It is scary because my brain says 'less is better' but it's not on this diet. You should hit it I believe. If I start to see a loss consistently that will prove to me that hitting the 500 is important.

Off to lounge a little this morning and later I am going to stock up on some things I ran out of. Fish, Chicken, maybe get some tri-tip. I hear that is also very lean. I need more grapefruit.
It's funny, I got pregnant 3 years ago and I got sick when I ate carbs, so I had to take that out to stop throwing up. Then I went on a month of eating pretty much only grapefruit. After that I didn't want to see another grapefruit. heh. My son loves veggies and stuff, but doesn't like the tartness of grapefruit. I would have thought that would be his favorite the way I ate it. ;) My love affair with continues w/ this diet. Maybe that is MY side effect: hcg = a craving to grapefruit.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Recipe Idea: Chicken w/ salsa

Chicken with Salsa and a side of celery.

Since the doctor is letting me mix up veggies a bit I had this for lunch:

Diced up chicken (3.50z of course) soaked in a Vinegar/Cayenne Pepper mix.
Diced up tomatoes (2oz) and onions (1.5oz) Mix, and add some garlic and salt to taste.

I cut up about 2oz of celery and made some more hot sauce mix for dipping.

My goodness that was JUST amazing. The salsa cooled down the spiciness of the chicken. Just fabulous. That one is a keeper!

R1P2: Day 23 of VLCD

Weight: 262.4 lbs
Loss of: 1.2 lbs
Total Loss: 21.4 lbs

Breakfast: Grapefruit slices
Lunch: Chicken and Tomato Soup
Snack: Celery w/ vinegar and cayenne pepper mixed.
Dinner: Steak and onions and apple
Snack: Rest of apple

I lost 1.2 pounds after 2 days of exercising (which makes me feel like a million dollars).

I have a weird thing in my head though, I started eating around the 350 mark and feeling like how can I reduce it because you know less calories more weight gain. I started seeing if I could skip a fruit. But yesterday my husband was on me about eating my calories and I got 450 calories.

Today I might try to do the steak and onions and apples again. That was SO yummy but I plan on making chicken w/ hot sauce! I read it on the boards and I am in love with 'hot wings' and celery. :D yeay!

I worked out and I thought it was funny. I was on the walker machine and did 1 mile in 20 minutues. I did mostly 2.7 miles per hour because any lower the machine would shut off. hehe. Then one song I did go fast because it was such a pumped up song. Then I saw at 1 mile/20minutes I burned 208 calories. I told my mom I just burned off about 2/5ths of my daily calories allowed. Seeing those low calories burned was a good thing for the first time. Normally it's like.. that might burn off a snack. lol. I remember I had to, when with a personal trainer, burn off 1 lb worth of calories. Like 700-900 calories. Took me a good hour to do. I hated it because I didn't have anything but stupid infomercials to watch. :P I wish I had my ipod back then to watch tv shows.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

R1P2: Day 22 of VLCD

Weight: 263.6 lbs
Loss of: 0 lbs
Total Loss: 20.2 lbs

Let's say it all together now: No loss today! :P
Today I have a switch in meds so we will see.

Breakfast: Grapefruit bits
Lunch: Tailapia and Tomatoes
Dinner: Round Beef and onions and apples

Dinner was surprisingly yummy. I had one small bite as I was fixing and went 'meh' but when I sat down and really savored it WOW was it good. I realize that I am starting to back off from various spices, or rather over spicing. The food is tasting amazing w/o all the spices too.

I will work on upping my water to 5liters. I did around 3 yesterday. For me- that is low.
My body is sore from working out. My gut feels it. But I'm going to do some casual walking. My mother is either being sarcastic or weird about me not going on Friday. She is an exercise lover so that is her way of losing weight. Which is fine, but she needs to be a little more gentle with me and respect that I can't do what she wants me to do.

I woke up from a weird weird weird nightmare this morning so it's put me in a weird funk. But the day is bright and sunny, I'm going to work out, got my food to get me going and I will be fine by this afternoon.

I take naps in the early evening/afternoon now a days, its something I enjoy because it relaxes me. The last couple days I have been watching a foot massage video from YouTube. WOW are they relaxing. My feet said thank you afterwards just watching it. hehe.

Off I go.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Doctor Update

Went to the doctor today. She likes me progress.

I need to be proud of my accomplishment. It's hard sometimes when you read others have a constant 1 lb drop and you suffer through .4 drops. :P suffer. LOL

We changed my dosage. She thought it was great that I was dealing with morning sickness in the sense of 'it's working!' but lowered my dose a little in the morning, and upped it a little at night. Should work out.

I haven't been eating to 500 calories, mostly around 350-380 because I am done w/ food and sometimes it's mostly lettuce or I'm just not hungry. So she wants me to eat more veggies, and keep an eye on that. Today eating was more calories naturally. Tialapia and Beef, and Onions and tomatoes are the more calorie intensive foods. heh. I'm hitting 408 today. Might grab the rest of the apple I had at dinner.

She wants me to only work out 2 x a week at a low caliber. I will do a little soft toning though on my upper body. I'm thinking of doing some yoga. My fat is melting enough to give me access to various positions again! :D heh.

quick note: 20 lbs!

I forgot to mention!


R1P2: Day 22 of VLCD

Weight: 263.6 lbs
Loss of: 1 lbs
Total Loss: 20.2 lbs

Whoohooo! 1 lb after a couple days of no real big loss. I'll take it!

Though my body is getting smaller, and personally I don't care what I weight as long as I can fit into a size 12 jeans. :) heh. But it is refreshing to see a 1lb loss, especially after all the exercise I did.

Breakfast: I had a couple slices of grapefruit
Worked out decently
Lunch: Taco Salad - my fav
Dinner: Fish with cucumber (too much mustard powder makes it spicy)
Snack before bed: Strawberry shake - mmmmmm

I did dancing and exercising yesterday. I felt so wonderful for doing it. My body aches today though in places, tomorrow is the big ache normally. My left arm is cramping a little much. heh. But I loved every minute of it.

I tried on some clothes yesterday and I got to fit into my size 42 C bra! I'm normally a 48 DD. Which doesn't make sense why 20 lbs would do that, but it was a bit much in the cup. I could do 42 D for a 'regular' bra. This was a sexy bra I tried on. It fit nicely.

I had a breast reduction in 2000 and went to a 38 C, then I gained a LOT more weight back and went up to a 48 DD. Better then what I USED to be at a EE or something and that was around 220lbs. I'm so happy I did it, and now my boobs will shrink to their nice size again! YEAY!

I have decided a while back to let my hair grow out to play with it a bit, now I have decided to continue to let it grow till I reach my goal weight. I am used to short hair, but wanted Sexy Long hair for once.

Today is a good day. I got to be very active yesterday, got to dance with my son, and I lost 1 lb today. All's good with the world.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

quick update

OH My!

I should gain about 10 lbs w/ the amount of exercise I am doing. Since it does not directly effect my weight gain in a negative, as in water retention vs fat gain I will continue to do exercise because I FEEL FREAKING GREAT!

I worked out this morning w/ my mom. I didn't feel hungry or crash. I had a little protien right before the work out though, plus 2 slices of grapefruit. Had my lunch maybe an hour later w/ the rest of the protein w/ salad.

Just now I did about 20 minutes of belly dancing with my son. He finds dancing to 'Tunak Tunak Tun' the most fun. We put on some Caribbean music about a year ago almost daily and we put silly hats on our head and danced around. IT WAS FUN! I'm going to institute 'dress up' and dance to music again. I particularly like foriegn folk music because they have such an awesome beat and we don't pay attention to the lyrics. I love Mariachi music a LOT. Reminds me of Germany if you can believe it. Fun Polka! :)

I'm having too much fun, and exercise does help you also lose and tone, so I don't see any negatives right now except for water retention- but it won't turn into fat. It will come off at some point right? I might as well dance and not lose some days, then take it easy and not lose some days. :P

R1P2: Day 21 of VLCD

Weight: 264.6 lbs (same)
Loss of: .2 lbs
Total Loss: 19.2 lbs

SIGH! No Loss
Today was suppose to be a bigger loss. Though after talking to the receptionist she said over all I was doing pretty well.

I had my last fruit (strawberries) right before I went to sleep. I wonder if that effects loss? I got a little peckish by bedtime.

Today I have to wake up early because the mother wants me to driver her to the Gym. hehe. I know she feels that the only way to lose weight is eat less and LOTS of exercise. This woman is in love with her exercise. So, I have my Ipod with my favorite show and I will be walking and watching. :D hehe. I think that will do me good, but I hate waking up so early to go somewhere, because I tend to wake up 4-5 hours before the alarm clock, then I get a rush of adrenaline and have a hard time falling asleep. This happens untill I wake up. :S

I had a 1/2 grapefruit for breakfast

Lunch: Tuna and salad
Dinner: Steak and under cooked asparagus, I like them crunchy but that was a bit much. LOL.
late Night Snack: Strawberry smoothie