Tuesday, March 30, 2010

R3P2: Day 7

Weight: 191 lbs
Loss of: 08 lbs
Total Loss: 9.2
Total over all: 92.8
Lbs left to lose: 58

Hello Folks,

So yesterday was a success on the scale today! :) I lost .8, and a loss is a loss after a bit of cheating. I did have a great salad, but still a cheat. I'm okay with an almost 10 lb week.

I hope to have at least a 5 lb week next week. I fit a littttttle better into my my size 16 pants. Give me another week at least. :)

This week started off well. Tomorrow is Preschool for the little guy! I am hoping it's just as fun for him as it was last week.

I totally feel that the adjustment to my drops did the trick. I'm not HUNGRY all the time. I was going to give myself a week before I decided if I needed the life caps. Thanks for suggesting them though! :) They are sort of pricey if I don't really need them, and I have managed really well my last 2 rounds without them. I am taking HHCG which has been working just fine. I will have blood work done at the end of it all though to see that my liver is fine. My doctor was concerned about that part since she didn't know exactly how that company was making the hhcg. Oh well.

Thanks for all your support! :) I'm going to bed now. It's a bit late.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

R3P2: Day 6

Weight: 191.8 lbs
Loss of: 1.2 lbs
Total Loss: 8.4
Total over all: 92

I went to my brother in law's b-day party at a restaurant. I knew it was coming. I tried to be good. I got a salad. Not the best kind of salad, but it was a salad. I enjoyed it and I won't cry about results tomorrow! I knew today was going to be a 'cheat'. It was honestly suppose to be a load day. I was going to start HCG this weekend, but was talked into it a week earlier. anywho.

I had an Asian salad, with those little noodle things, and some almonds, and little mandarin oranges, (Didn't eat them all) I had the dressing on the side. It was yummy, and honestly expensive. So I enjoyed it. Anything that costs 2x the amount I think it should... deserves my full enjoyment! :) Really, anything that I eat should deserve my full enjoyment. Then I think we can ask ourselves before we put it int our mouth: Will you truly enjoy this, if not, then just don't eat me, it's not worth it. I won't buy cheap chocolate anymore because of that. It's about the good taste, not about the quantity of crap you can shovel in!

I feel good about today. My wedding ring is loose. I feel good about how I look and can get into my jeans. So life will go on. I will continue to lose the weight and ya. :)

Wish me luck. I'm going to make more bags (cloth bags I make) for a travel club my mother in law is part of. We will see if any of them will sell. Hope Hope Hope. I am wishing that the game store I sell my bags as dice bags is not the ONLY place I can seem to sell my bags. I am going to try to sell some on Etsy! I will let you know when I do. I would love honest feedback (feedbag. LOL) on my bags if possible. But I'm being sort of slow about it, I had a bad experience in a craft mall. :( Only 1 bag sold. DUMB! I had a ton to sell. ANyways. It just wasn't the right area I guess.

okay. I'm going to sit on my couch and rest. It's been a long day away from the house.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

R3P2: Day 5

Weight: 193 lbs
Loss of: 2.2 lbs
Total Loss: 7.2
Total over all: 90.8

So I had another great loss! I will take it especially since it makes my day right now.

If I can lose 10 lbs in the first week, I have 3 to go, I will be happy, though I do have Sunday lunch to go to and was going to allow myself a little flexibility. We are eating at a restaurant and I wasn't going to do a whole lot of asking for different things. hehe. Maybe I will have a salad.

So, I have been switching up the eating a little bit off protocol. Well, sort of off protocol. I have found some non-fat hotdogs that are Kosher. I eat those in the afternoon. Less calories then a piece of chicken.

I have also made a salad dressing with some water, non-fat sour cream, and seasonings. I do put in a dash of vinegar. It is a great dressing. I did use 1 hard boiled egg and an ounce of chicken. Yes, loose and fast I am playing it.

But I feel if I need to lose 60 lbs, I still have 3 weeks at the end i can 'clean it up' a little bit. It's mostly (except for the sour cream) protocol food.

I'm happier. I upped my dose and it helped a LOT! I don't feel so hungry and miserable. YEAY! I think that losing as much as I have. 7 lbs so far has really upped my spirit. I know it's not about the weight, but when I see such progress the first week, it makes me feel hopeful. I want to put up a big chart with a countdown chart. 60 lbs to go.. 50 lbs to go... LIke a calendar. hehe. I'm ready to be done when I am done! I don't know how much I really WANT to go on a break ONLY because it would make me realize how much I LOVE to eat normal. hehe. But maybe I will just do some mindful 'fat' cheating at the 1/2 way point so I can replenish the fat, but not totally get off the diet. Maybe at certain mile marks.

anywho. I Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

R3P2: Day 4

Weight: 195.2 lbs
Loss of: 2.2 lbs
Total Loss: 5
Total over all: 88.6

Morning Folks! I am feeling particularly happy today. The sun is sort of out. My son woke up pretty well w/o crying over daddy being gone. He does that sometimes. And I lost 2.2 lbs! :) 5 lbs for 3 days. I am starting to feel more like a start of a round! :)
Most people lose a lot their first week. I want to be a model citizen!! :)

I tried on my very TIGHT size 16 pants. Give me about 15 more lbs and I should be good to fit in them. I'm going for aprox 10 lbs per size. I know that it took me 30 lbs when I was 280. :P heh. So I am looking forward to getting into sizes a bit faster as I get smaller. Because 10 lbs on a 140 person and a 250 person are totally different.

I hope not to hit any walls right away. I know I have a 180 previous point, and I just don't want to start out the hhcg diet with a plateau. :P Any one every run into the immediate plateau? That would royally suck!

Well, the house got more messy then usual yesterday, so I need to go clean it up so it looks nice before this evening. I like a clean house when I putter out for the evening. :) I have been using the Iphone app that is based on Flylady. A bit more tamed down, so I dont' feel like I have to clean every 10 minutes, but enough that I feel like I am getting ahead. I was able to clean the bedroom and make it look nice. :) Made me happy.

Take care everyone! :) Be successful and Happy in all you do!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

R3P2: Day 3

Weight: 197.4 lbs
Loss of: .6 lbs
Total Loss: 2.8
Total over all: 86.4

OH COME ON! .6 lbs on the 2nd day????!?

I stayed good! I did have an extra bit of beef at night because I was pretty hungry, and just apples was not going to cut it with my blood sugar issues.

I'm right now going through a pouting phase. Don't mind me. I just want my lbs to fly off so I can get back to regular life! I realize it's harder doing it with out a doctor who looks over your shoulder. You are more pining over other things. I will survive, and I will make it through here. I am sort of in a crabby mood and I say "Let me fit into my size 16 pants by the end of 2 weeks of the diet!!!! :)

I'm happy that my son has his class. They have conferences today, so no class. :( BOoHoo, I am thinking of taking him somewhere for fun. Maybe a children's museum or to see his 'uncle' (one of my good friends that is more like a grandpa to him) so I can hang out and talk with someone at the same time.
Maybe pick our good friend up and take him with us. No clue what I will do. I sort of want to just kick my son out and sleep all day. :P I want a lazy day! I want to watch tv and just lay around being all self absorbed in a loss of .6 on the 2nd day of the diet. :P

I know this diet works, and it will continue to work. It will give me good losses and I will be happy and wonder why I ever was in pity mode 30 days from now. I will look fab in my newly acquired size 14 pants that look awesome on me! :) heh.

So. I want to do a traditional 21-40 day round, but I won't get my 60 lbs off, but at the same time I don't want to do any more rounds. LIke I said, I might take a week off, but we will see. I might take my week break if I get into size 12 pants. Then I can borrow some from my mom. I will just wear a belt with my size 16 pants till I just slip into my size 14.

curious- have people noticed a weight to size correlation? Like now it would seem that every 10 lbs I lose I will get into another size pants. So being 190 would give me size 18 pants, but a little loose, almost into 16. I'm thinking that 180 would give me the 16, then 170 size 14? 160 size 12? I was 145 and in a size 8 (I'm 5foot2in)

I'm curious what people have noticed once they were in the 'lower' weights like 170 and lower.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

R3P2: Day 2

Weight: 198 lbs
Loss of: 2.2 lbs
Total Loss: 2.2
Total over all: 85.8 (Sucks since I lost 90, then gained from loading a lot)

So, yesterday night I got really hungry. It was ALL about the food again. :( I hope to get over that. I am going to get the lifecaps that were recommended! Thanks for pointing that out.

I got a HORRID headache as I went to bed, I took a B-12 and it helped a TINY bit, or it could have been that I was falling asleep that helped. :) Detoxing feels like butt! I know it's detoxing because I ate some really naughty things. I knew better, but hey, it was loading. :) I needed to have a chocolate coma since I was doing good not eating the chocolate even during p4. It's hard sometimes. There were a lot of good foods in p4 to eat, but at the same time now that I want to maintain my weight, I have flushed a lot of food ideas down the toilet. I can't have a lot of what I used to, and that is okay. They are BAD foods. But it's still hard from time to time.

I started the hcg during my period. I'm on b-control so I don't actually GET a period w/ my product, but I can feel the hormones of 'eat everything in sight...NOW!'

I'm happy with my 2 lb loss today. Though, honestly, I was hoping for a bit more. Though if I could keep up a couple 2 lb losses for a couple days I will take it! :)

I am doing a LOT of math. I was thinking I would like to be done by June, won't happen. I won't get there reasonably by June. I will be in the 140's by then. I want to be at 130. (yes 10 lbs, but still)
Then that would mean a LONG round of 76 days. I was hoping to lose 30 lbs this round, then do a 4th round RIGHT after a week or two of p3. Actually more of a 'take a week break to re-introduce high fat foods' and then continue. So more of a small interruption. I might still do it for 3 or 4 days when I lose 30 lbs, and then continue for the last 30 lbs? I just want to be DONE!!!!!!!!!!

I am sort of DONE with the diet in some respects. I want to eat normal. I just want to eat when I am hungry, even an apple w/ peanut butter. I am not asking to eat a whole cow or something. Keep up a healthy eating habit, but I enjoyed, after doing 2 LONG rounds of hcg just eating normal. Not thinking about how I am going to eat today, how much and when to maximize hunger control. I know this is only 2nd day diet whoas. :P I did get pretty good later on in the diet. But I find that I think more about food ON the diet now a days, then when I am off the diet.

anywho. I will figure it out. I have 60 more lbs to lose and then I am done. I got the majority of my weight off. I am under 200 and I really do feel and look great. Yes, plump, but I somehow feel so comfortable at this weight. (more like 190) I think it is because anything past 180 will be new for me since 12 years ago. I sat at 180 for such a long time, hovered 10/20 lbs higher for a while, but came back down. So this is my 'adult size' that I am used to. I am excited to see what is in store for me. I hope to lose 20 lbs in the next 4 weeks, which should put me well into size 16, maybe start to venture tightly into a 14. :D So that will really make life nice. Though I can't borrow jeans until I am size 12 though. :) hehe. I can fit into my mom's tops though!! :)

Have a wonderful day everyone. Thanks for such encouragement! Wish you all luck on whatever phase you are in right now!! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

R3P2: Day 1

Weight: 200.2 lbs
Loss of: Starting
Total Loss: 0
Total over all: Gained since LDW

I'm starting after loading at 200.2. Luckly it SHOULD go below 199 tomorrow. I am going to try to eat my 500 today. I'm a little worried because I am using a new product and I did have a friend who seemed hungry on it, but 4 other people did just fine on it. So I shouldn't be so nervous, but it's all about the new.

I put 15 drops (they say 10 drops 3 x a day, some have said to go ahead and split it into 2 doses, which I like) under my tongue. Wait around 2 minutes and then slosh it around and swallow. DOesn't taste fancy, but it is not gaggable either. :) YEAY!

Yesterday I ate too much and threw up, but I was able to make up for it a little 3 hours later. LOL.

Today I plan to drink 3 liters of water, eat my 97% fat free hot dogs that are Kosher all beef. Some tomatoes, Maybe for dinner a tomato soup. Mmmmmmm. Maybe a apple. I will sorely miss peanut butter. Maybe if I get to mile stones I will allow it? But I want to be good my last 3 weeks to truly get the benefit from this diet. Dr. S talks about 3 week time frames, so I think that if I decide to do a 40 day round I should just be good. :P Hehe. I should not plan to cheat, it's only my first day. :P

So my son goes in 1/2 hour to his preschool!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D I hope it works out well. I hope that his potty training transfers to the class. I hope the kids like him. I hope that they and he play well together. I hope, I hope, I hope. My biggest hope is that he enjoys himself and wants to go there every week!!! :)

I am going to go boil some water for watered down green tea!

question: Has anyone used fiber pills on this diet? If so how did you do it? How many did you take, when? and what did you expect on weight gain that day?

Monday, March 22, 2010

R3: Loading Day 2

So this is my last planned loading, but we will see how I feel tomorrow if I am 'fattened' enough Gobble Gobble!

I ate a berry pie for this morning with a cup of coffee with 1/2 of it filled with whipping cream. Allows for 2 glorious cups of coffee I won't have since I really like a little coffee with my cream. :)
I ate pie instead of cake. Thought it was too much to eat cake. :) hehe.

I am eating some naughty things because I CAN! I really don't allow it even when I had my 'time off' because it causes gains, and really isn't good for your body. Unless homemade cake w/ REAL ingredients. I will be detoxing this week, and then at least 40 days of nothing but GOOD wholesome stuff!!!! That will totally cleanse my body again. I am also wanting to stay away from non-organic beef if I can. Or eat what we have at the start, but then detox from red meat. I also want to colon cleanse as naturally as I can and it says 'stay away from red meat'

I am eating garbage today, though I don't have to I know. But I can, and want to get it out of my system.

I have around 60-70 (Loading weight) lbs to lose to get to 130 which is my new goal weight. I was thinking this would take 2 rounds? I am going to a more 'Dr S' way of doing rounds and not doing a 110 round. I really feel that if I eat too much fat I suffer because of that long round. It could be because I had previously had something covered up, but it still is new. heh. I need to introduce fat from time to time in my diet. So when I slow down I will add an ounce of cheese to get my gall bladder to pipe up! :)

For lunch: Pizza rolls w/ a big dallup of sour cream. Then it's cake in the afternoon, plus hopefully some crispy FRIED chicken tonight (if I can convince the husband to pick some up) hehe. :) From the grocery store will guarantee the highest fat!

My son, if all goes well, will be going into Preschool tomorrow! :D YEAY! I can't wait. I am going to bring a camera, maybe even my flip to take a little video, but I want to be respectful of the other parents and their kids, but this is not for general consumption, just family consumption! :)

So I need to go, my son is wanting to hunker by the stove till the Spaghetti is cooked. :) heh

Sunday, March 21, 2010

R3: Loading Day 1


I hope to be more active WHILE I am on the diet then how active I was off the diet. So I am starting the diet again, this time with homeopathic drops and I plan to do this round by myself, and I can ALWAYS go to my doctor if necessary. I wanted to see if I can do this without checking in every 2-3 weeks w/ someone.

This gives me more freedom to feel comfortable doing the homeopathic that has worked for family and friends. This will allow me to try fiber pills and see what it does. I found out a 'diy colon cleanse' that is safe and natural is high fiber and green tea diet. So I am going to take some fiber pills and keep drinking my green tea. We eat so little on this diet it should give me the opportunity to 'cleanse' a little.

I actually feel really HEALTHY on the HCG diet. I feel full of energy and not so drained. Lately I have felt slushy. I think it's because I added some bread/carbs/starches back into my diet. I do feel a total difference. I just have a 'bread' lifestyle, though It is not nearly as bad as it once was though. I enjoy toast, or cereal for breakfast. I enjoy sandwhich's for lunch time.

I am totally living it up. We bought little single serving cake and pie, some chocolate goodness and ice cream. So I got my naughty stuff. I plan to do 2 days of loading, and adding a possible 3rd if it seems that my body isn't ready by the 3rd day.

I am going to weigh myself AFTER I have loaded for a grand total weight. I know I will go above 200 again. BOO HOO :( But it will work out because in 2 weeks I am sort of having high hopes that I will fit into the size 16 jeans I almost fit into comfortably. I am one inch short of fitting into those pants to the point I can actually SIT DOWN!

anywho. I have been away, I hope I still have some viewership! Give me a shout out. If you have any questions let me know. I will be happy to answer them!

On the home front: Life has been hectic. I have semi-started to find a 'full time real job' but it seems our finances are not as bleak, and it was mostly just stress of being home all day w/ a son who NEEDS TO GET OUT! I found a preschool that sounds PERFECT!! I would have put him in the 3 days a week class, but after the director and I talked, it sounded like the Tue/Thur class is a PERFECT fit for him!!!!!!! Wish him a lot of luck on this. I hope it is like fish to water for him and that he will LOVE not only being around other kids that he has so truly craved, but that that he knows this is not a 1 time thing, but a regular scheduled program that he doesn't have to be afraid that something good will come to only be taken away.

This is exciting for him and I don't want it to fall through. I will keep you guys updated! GIves me 2 1/2 hours a class time break! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

P4: UPdate from a while

Hello Everyone,

I fell of the radar for a while. I have been just doing real life stuff. But I hope to be more updating.

I got off HCG at 193.8 lbs. I'm very happy with that. I feel sexy and look good. I still have a big butt, but hello! :)
So I did my 3 weeks of p3. My last week of p3 was in Mexico. I did eat Tortilla's and Margarittas and some wine. I came home at 194.8, which was .2 higher then I left for Mexico. :) YEAY!

I have been eating p4 stuff. I have enjoyed either an egg and toast in the morning, or a bowl of Kashi Cereal. Less crap in my food. I have been careful with what I put in my mouth. I much rather have an apple and peanut butter then a bad snack.

I find I eat healthier, but have allowed some popcorn, but not in the amount I used to eat every night pre-hcg. I did enjoy a costco pizza last night, plus 2 pieces of bread. I did know it was wrong, and I gained this morning. But honestly I feel okay. I'm at 193.6, I went down to 192.2 after I came back from vacation.

I will take a break for at least 2-3 more weeks. I enjoy trying to eat normal and manage my weight in p4. Then I plan on buying the homeopathic stuff and doing a round on my own. I just can't afford going to my doctor every 2 weeks. I really feel I don't have to buy the 100 dollar stuff and just do the 20 dollar stuff that works for my 2 friends who hover around the low 200's and my husband who lost 30 lbs.

I only have about 60 more lbs. I am not going to force myself to 120 lbs like I was thinking. If I get into a size 8 or lower and LOOK and FEEL healthy I will be okay. It's been nice just to eat normal. I feel like food has no real power over me and I just eat to nourish and move on. It's been nice to feel so free. I still will go back to HCG. Just don't feel so hurried to 'get it done'.

SOrry I have been so out of touch with my internet friends! I do appreciate you all. Just have been doing 'real life' stuff. :P hehe.