Wednesday, December 30, 2009

R2P2: Day 16

Weight: 213.8 lbs
Loss of: .4 lbs
Total Loss: 10 lbs

Morning folks!

I feel like I am going down again! :) I have one more cheat day I am allowing myself, more maybe a cheat lunch. New Years Day dinner.

It's been harder to stay on task. I won't cheat, but the want for cheating is stronger. :P I had something to motivate me like the cruise to get the weight off.

I've been playing around with the idea of putting my kid into a Montessori school and starting to work again. He could use that interaction with other people with his personality. Currently we are homeschooling, though he is only 3.
I am going to polish up on my skills for the next 3-4 months and learn some new programing/scripting languages to put on the resume, and this gives me enough time to slim down. I would like to be pretty much done with the diet before I apply at work, especially since it's a long commute and I can't run home to get something. It would just be easier for me if I can afford to do it.

I do enjoy spending time with my son, but I miss working and I don't mix well with various mommy groups. I don't also want to be a cab company shuttling my little one from one program to another so he can interact with the outside world. I'm such a hermit I perfer to stay at home, so he doesn't get out much. He is still pretty well mannered when we do go out around other kids surprisingly.

So this is a 1/2 motivator to stick the course. I want that to influence the way I keep clean eating. Other then that I really don't have much emotion when I step on the scale. I have been REALLY focusing on 'can I fit into that coat' ... 'what size shirt can I wear now'
I have been able to get into a size 14/12 at Walmart. I had to buy 1 sweater and 3 slong sleeved shirts. I'M SO COLD! That was enough to make me feel good for a good week. :D

okay, Never step away from the computer before plushing your post. You forget what you were saying after a couple hours. :P

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

R2P2: Day 15

Weight: 214.2 lbs
Loss of: ? lbs
Total Loss: 9.6 lbs

So I haven't posted in a couple days. So I went to Seattle with my family and we ate at the Space Needle. Much better then I heard it was from a long time ago review, but helderheid got my hopes up, and delivered.

I had the chicken. It was very good. The sauce. OMG! Ya, I deserved the 1.4 gain I got from that! I'm not upset about any gain I am getting right now because I am er, um... cheating of course! :)

I am doing 'clean' days as much as possible. I think we will have 1 more cheat day coming up on New Years Day! My parents make a special dinner so I will participate in that. So then in January we will be a month of clean eating! :)

Oh, I can see my neck stuff. The stuff that shows on thin people but hides when you have too much fat around the neck and makes it look like a tube, not a series of cords. :) heh. I am LOVING that part!

I hope everyone had a great Winter Holiday Season and got to do what they wished for. Spending time with the family has been a great wish of mine so it was wonderful that both my brothers have been able to come out. Maybe not right at the same time, but that seems to be fine because I can have close time with both sets.

Take care!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

R2P2: Day 12

Weight: 213.6 lbs
Loss of: .6 lbs
Total Loss: 10.2 lbs

My brother is here for Christmas and we had fun. It's been nice to talk to them. I really get along with his wife and his kids really get along with my kid. :) I love how they play together.

I had 2 official 100% cheat days. No weighing and no 'on protocol' foods.

I had for xmas lunch at my mother in laws: Tomatoes with some of that cream cheese/basil/tomato spread (about a tsp), 2 half cookies- homemade. They were also very small, but satisfying. I decided why not, I normally don't try stuff, and some smoked salmon 1x1 inch square.

Then for dinner I had my traditional foods: a Wiener, a deviled egg, red cabbage, a spoonful of potato salad (home made) and the big spender: A small slice of bread (multi grain loaf of hard bread) w/ a thin layer of butter and a bit of bri cheese. MMMMMM.

Yesterday for Christmas Day Dinner/Lunch I had:
Red cabbage
Cabbage salad
Lingenberry sauce

and then we had a small 'dinner' afterwards
Small slice of bread w/ tbl bri
Slice roast

I even allowed an apple at the end of each day. A full apple. mmmmmm. I didn't get as much water in Christmas Eve but I did push myself yesterday. I got in almost 3 liters. :)

Today is going to be a 'clean' day of eating on protocol. Then I plan to go to Seattle with my family tomorrow. That will be another cheat day. I think where ever we go for lunch we can eat clean enough, but my brother has reservations at the Space Needle for dinner. I think I will have some crab cakes and salad. :)

I hope everyone has had a great Holiday Season. We are not done yet, but so far so good! :) I wish everyone a great stablization, a great loss or not so big of gain!

I am waiting for my scale to go UP! :P

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

R2P2: Day 8

Weight: 214.2 lbs
Loss of: .4 lbs
Total Loss: 9.6 lbs

Low loss. But I feel thinner. :) Went through my closet to shed out some of the clothes that always made me feel fat, or I wore all the time when I was fatter.

I just need to release those outfits just as much as the fat! I love saying "When I get thin", and not " "if" I get thin"

My father offered to buy me a dress. I told him that he didn't need to, maybe buy it next year for Xmas, or Birthday, but not to motivate me. I am not motivated, I just am doing it. :)

Yesterday I almost cheated, I saw my husband sit next to me with my favorite cheese. AND the butthead had to say "Oh, you never ate any when you were loading" I could have killed him. :P I told him one bite shouldn't hurt. He didn't believe me and snatched up the piece and ate it. So I'm okay.

Well, hope you have enough time today to finish any last things! Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

R2P2: Day 7

Weight: 214.6 lbs
Loss of: 1.2 lbs
Total Loss: 9.2 lbs

Wow. I just saw I lost 1.2. I had buffalow burger w/ onions on a bed of lettuce then chicken with tomatoes at night.

I also ate stuff late. It's been REALLY nice to have MY schedule then my mom's schedule. heh. I don't worry about going to work out with her in the mornings. I am going to yoga twice a week if I can before the hubby comes home from work. It will be a nice break up to the day. We go to bed so late, and so hubby and kid can spend time together. I like it. Then I get to sleep in.

When I Was growing up I baby sat my brother's kids from time to time and they woke up like at 5-7am. :P I thought all kids did this. I thought that was the kids internal clock. I dreaded that part of parent hood, to my surprise, kids will sleep in if they go to bed later, and they don't seem to suffer any negative effects, he does get his sleep! I'm very relaxed about it. I feel kids shouldn't be woken up, they should wake up naturally.

also- with the protocol. I'm going to be happy of course if I lose weight, but this time I want to reprogram my brain to just accept it as a number to record for my log. It's going to be a number I will use to correct if things go bad, but as long as I am sticking to protocol, even any gain is going to be in the helpful department. Like I said, I'm going to be more relaxed about the weight drop. I'm going to take a 1 week break around 180. I am going to let my doctor know that I would like this as a mini goal. Then from 180-130 will be the 3rd and final round. If I get below that it's all good. :) I just want to see what my thighs feel like when they are not squished together, I want to be able to say "Honey I wear a size 6" and he gets me a size 6 and it fits!

I want to take a pillow case and make it into a dress!
I want to be able to use this woman's website for real! :P heh.

I'm moving slowly into uncharted terrority, or rather, long forgotten territory. I remember myself being around the 220 range or way above for the last 10 years. I did dip into the 190's at the start for a bit, but then just went up. So this body is like meeting a long forgotten friend.

I am also excited because one of my brother's will see me tomorrow and it will be 'surprise' :) Then on the 28th I will see another brother and sis in law who don't know what I am doing (though my dad did say weight loss, but I dont' think he said how much) and "SURPRISE!" again.

Then I will start to post updated pictures of me on Facebook. :)

I have gotten several compliments from my christmas picture too! My doctor said that both my husband and I are looking much healthier (she has our last 4 pictures) and my aunt and cousin in Germany both agree that I am looking prettier. I was always said to have a 'pretty face' and it's a shame I let the fat catch on. But they have always loved me regardless.

It's intersting. I think it was Mary or Christy's blog that mentioned something about the iky of fat. Sorry if it was neither of you. But anyways. I am starting to see people in a different light. I see all these thin people out there 'entangled' in their fat. I don't see fat people. I just see a bunch of thin people trapped in the fat suit. The fat is seperating from the people and making me grossed out. I look at old pictures and I go "HOW COULD I let myself go"???? How is it that I couldn't have woken up one day and Said "ENOUGH"... oh wait. I did. And then I joined a gym, stopped eating or went on the next best diet plan just to gain 30 more lbs after I stopped because it wasn't working well, or got harder and harder, not easier.

I WISH that HCG would become such an accepted form of Diet and that everyone in the world was given a bottle to either share with friends or use for themselves. We don't have to suffer. I am sorry, but I think people who are 300 or more lbs do suffer, they are not 'fat beauties!" Yes, love yourself, but that doesn't mean you have to love the fat. You can love or hate a shirt, so you can love or hate your fat, and it doesn't mean it's you. I have said before, I have seen my fat as the abuse I put on myself. I will not lose health if I lose fat, really the opposite. So it's obviously not something I HAVE to live with. I love that people see me thinner, and want to try the hcg. It's a wild fire! I love it! I want to see people become healthier and do it right. I just want people to do it right!

Heh. I have a friend who has had the stomach surgery who is going on hcg, and she said that her doctor told her that it will fail, she will be unhappy and will come back to him for the next 15k surgery! :P POOP on HIM! First- don't be so hurtful to your patience, and I would never have my friend do something that would hurt her. In fact, I think she will be 100000x's more happy with hcg. She has sagging skin that she will have to go get ANOTHER surgery for. :P poop! Hcg, you can drop 300 lbs and still not have tremendous sagging skin! anywho.

I'm soup, no soap boxing now. :P So I will let your eyes rest! :) take care, and we are so much close to the eve of christmas! Hope it's a merry one for all. See you tomrrow!

Monday, December 21, 2009

question: Why no mixing of veggies?

Why do you think that the good Dr. has said 'No Mixing' of veggies?

I sometimes like to mix veggies like today: Buffalo burger with some (2oz) of onions mixed in and wrapped in like 2oz of lettuce.

Do you think this will hurt me. No, but why did the doctor say "no mixing' for the most part?

I see people mix lettuce around, but I don't see that in the manual. If you see it, let me know what page.

R2P2: Day 6

Weight: 215.8 lbs
Loss of: .4 lbs
Total Loss: 8 lbs

I asked for 8 lbs in the week, and my body gave me NO more. :P LOL at least I got it right.

I stayed up WAY to late last night but had LOTS of fun playing with friends online. I missed playing with these people and it got me to stay up way too late. But fun.

Like I said earlier, I'm going to take it a bit easy this round, as in not worry what the scale gives me, stay on protocol, include lean steak to get a variety. I know that steak gives me lower results, but at the same time it mixes the food up and I enjoy it more. It got sort of tiring of just eating chicken, but since I had a goal, I really didn't care.

I think I am going to throw another goal. I already mentioned it, I wonder what my doctor things. I hit 180 and I get a 1 week break. :) I'm feeling pretty thin, though I know I am still fat. The pictures just don't give me the feeling I feel. I'm like.. my butt isn't that big is it? My mirror upstairs is being kind to me. When you lose a lot of weight you realize how much thinner you are and you get into that happy mind set. Then you see a picture and your like 'still have a ways to go'

Happy Solstice to those who celebrate! :) Have a wonderful day sliding and maintaining. Thanks for all the warm and wonderful comments! :)

Wow, this week is also Xmas! I'm almost done with all the gifts I need to get. I still need to do some things to be totally ready for Xmas Eve.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

R2P2: Day 6

Weight: 216.2 lbs
Loss of: .8 lbs
Total Loss: 7.6 lbs

MOrning! I hope all are doing well.

I'm dropping and I'm going to take what comes this round. I thought it would be interesting to put up a little goal for myself. I can take a 1 week break when I hit the 180 range. Gives me something to look forward to. Then I can replenish my body with stuff and go on a serious Vitamin D binge. My mother in law found out from her natural doctor that Vitamin D can help fight against the Swine Flu. Vitamin D is a super vitamin right now and I am totally too low, but higher then I was before!

I got a size 12/14 shirt and size 18 pants from Walmart yesterday (can't spend money on clothes, but it was cheep enough) I'm feeling more and more normal! :) I can't wait to get into size 14. Only 2 sizes to go. I can just fit into those 18's and DON'T ask me to sit down. :) LOL.

We put on the tree lights. I need to get into the Holiday Spirit. I forgot, but my other friend reminded me tomorrow is Winter Solstice. I need to think how I will celebrate with the family. I want my son to fell the Holiday Spirit when he can. As he gets older I hope I will do a better job. We plan on home schooling him so he won't have it from school. But as I hear, they are scrubbing that stuff from public school anyways. So much for 'tolerance' The last I heard, tolerance was putting up with, embracing, not cutting it out.

I ate steak last night. I am going to include steak back into this round. I miss it. I want more verity in the stuff we are allowed. heh. So I take a lower loss, but you know what, I need to be happy with the food I am allowed.

anywho. I'm going to find me a 1/2 grapefruit. :) Enjoy the day! It's 4th Advent today isn't it? I need to call my mom. She celebrates the Advents. :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

R2P2: Day 5

Weight: 217 lbs
Loss of: .6 lbs
Total Loss: 6.8 lbs

There begins my low losses. THough .6 is respectable if I get that daily. :) I did only drink 2 liters of water. I DO NO MORE then 4liters because that is 1/2 my body weight in oz. No more. Um, I just did the calculations. I should drink a little more then 3. Okay. :) heh. I don't want to do more then 1/2 my body weight because I also want to make sure I keep electrolytes in order.

Thanks for all your supportive words!! Spending the day with the husband. Finished up most of my Xmas shopping. I have some gift cards for those coming by Airplanes, or small sized gifts that I still need to get, but then I am done. :) yeay! Done!

I do not suggest going on a cruise right before Xmas, it really throws you off. And you can't go to any cold destinations right now. You might as well stay home, unless of course you come from sun! :P I just can't get into the Xmas season yet. :( Next year lets all just go cruise with our loved ones as a xmas thing! :) Cha Cha Cha! I would love to be in sun. I used to love dreary, I used to love Rain, now I'm just plain cold. I hate being cold all the time. I put on stuff to make me warm but I am just COLD! :P

anywho! Take care all! KEep warm!

Friday, December 18, 2009

R2P2: Day 4

Weight: 217.6 lbs
Loss of: 2 lbs
Total Loss: 6.2 lbs

Morning. I'm feeling pretty good. I have had a bit harder resolve this time but I won't cheat. I promised myself I wouldn't. I just realized how much I want more food.

I am VERY happy with the loss that I have gotten. It's nice to be below my R1 LDWeight by the 3rd day. Who would have thunk that a week of enjoying food would only take 3 days to get it off. I was scared I would have slowed down to .6 by now. :P

I've been behind on many things. My husband just went back to work and so I am adjusting to that, spending time doing things with my son so I haven't been an internet hog. I have been playing solitare in my bathtub instead of updating myself on blogs. I've wanted to just veg out and not process information. :P I'm starting to not feel so tired.

We are going to bed late but then we sleep in later and then the husband doesn't take so long to get home. LOL. Perspective.
I am going to look into sleeping in late, but then going to work out late too. I hate mornings and I hate waking up so early. I rather stay up with my husband late then wake up early w/o my husband. makes the Day longer! :P It's hard because I have parents that love to wake up early. Oh well. I'm not living w/ my parents! :P

My hunger has been spectacularly low once I mixed up the new hcg drops. I had some old stuff, and it wasn't as potent. Now I feel full. I eat 1/2 an apple and I feel full. :) YEAY! Loading properly and eating your 500 calories does help!

I have a winter jacket that is a Large size and I still feel a bit tight in it. I can zip it up if I breath in, so that is my item of clothes I will use as my 'am I getting physically smaller?" mark. I have out grown... under grown? I've gotten too small for the other clothes that I was trying to get into. Now they can be given away. LOL. Nice.

okay. Off to do some stuff. I want to clean the kitchen and most of downstairs, and now I plan to start reading again. I, in January, had decided to read 1 book per week. Didn't make it, but have read 26 books this year. Sigh. My goal for next year is to read 25 books as well. That is about 1 book every 2 weeks. If I do read mroe books per week I will just go over my goal. Or simply have more weeks for another book or not read. I miss sitting and reading while my son plays around me. :) I couldn't do it realistically when the husband was home. LOL. I wanted to spend time w/ him because I knew he would eventually be back at work. :)

anywho. Happy trails folks. I will be reading your posts soon enough. I really apologize for not getting caught up this week. I really feel like we have become a family and I like that. I love hearing what you guys are doing and have to say, it makes me internalize what I am doing, like going to Resturants and their evil ways!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

R2P2: Day 3

Weight: 219.6 lbs
Loss of: 2.6lbs
Total Loss: 4.2 lbs

That's more like it! :) I know that over a lb is nice, but for a 'after load vlcd' day I want more like 3 lbs off right away!! I didn't want to be screwed up with extra lbs if I didn't need to load, though it felt good to eat. I miss eating whatever I want.

I'm having a mentally hard time, but today, honestly waking up to the bigger loss made me happy. Gave me real resolve for today.

I had the food dreams: I ate real buttery popcorn. mmmmmm. And of course I was like "oh no, what if I eat this, I won't lose" :P Why couldn't I just be in dream land and enjoy the popcorn I never got on loading. :P

I got new hcg and it tastes much better, and I think that caused a low weight loss- old hcg. I know that stuff can last, but it also doesn't last forever, or that long really. anyways. I got new stuff and am using that now.

I do not miss the drinking of a ton of water. On the cruise I drank a lot, always finding a bathroom, but I think I got 1-2 liters of water in. Now I am aiming for 4 liters. Much more. :P

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mexico Trip

Cruise Pictures

I haven't labeled all the pictures with captions, but you can still enjoy! :)

We did have a lot of fun! :)

R2P2: Day 2

Weight: 222.2 lbs
Loss of: 1.6lbs
Total Loss: 1.6 lbs

Hrmph. I was expecting more honestly. Does anyone know if loading was not a good idea after a week. My doctor adviced me to do so. I wanted more loss. Honestly the hcg doesn't taste as fresh either, so I wonder if the hcg is fairly weak, though I do not feel horribly hungry, so it has to be working.

Any clue for the weak loss?

Over all I'm ok. I'm just tired right now. Yeay, Winter in Washington!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

R2P2: Day 1

Weight: 223.8 lbs
Loss of: Starting
Total Loss: 0 lbs

I took 1 week off, but I'm going to call this Round 2 anyways.

I gained about 5-6 lbs for this loading, I think I done good. I hope. I had the most horrid gall bladder attack yesteday night right as it was ready for bed. My hubby drove to the store at midnight to get me lemon juice, but it didn't really help. :(
I had 2 sandwhiches which might have been the problem. THANK GOODNESS I didn't have this on the cruise, but I also wasn't pigging out!

I'm tired today. I've been pretty tired since I got off the boat. heh. I am in the middle of TOM. I also went to my doctor yesterday. She told me to enjoy myself through the holidays where I want to, and that we will stay on target when we can. I see her after the Christmas Holidays.

I felt a little jipped yesterday. I still wanted to eat some things to get it out of my system, but today is VLCD day! I am looking forward to seeing a drop. I'm curious how the drop will be, if I lose .5 average it will take me over a month to get to 200, and I was hoping to be there by the end of the year. BUt that is like 23 lbs worth of weight, but I was thinking, much of that should come off at the start right? sigh. I hope.

I'm in a weird mood. I don't want to be on protocol right now but I do. I want to lose the weight, fit into size 14 pants asap and feel more 'normal' in the realms of bigness. I lost over 60 lbs and I am still fat. People still see a fat girl who should do something. :P Does that make sense?

I want the weight to be gone, and I love this protocol. I just need to rev the engine and get my butt in gear. I will do this, I will be dedicated and I will make it. I'm just right now sort of 'bleh' because I do enjoy eating, I enjoy eating on my time table and not thinking about food. I just go make something when I am hungry. Sigh. I have no limited food I can eat, and that always gets me a little uptight for a bit. But the weight coming off will become my motivator, and reading all your blogs will help me too. We are all in this together!! :)

Take care all!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

R2: Loading Day 1

Hello All,

I'm back from my trip. I still feel like I am on the boat. It was SO nice to see the child and husband again! I went with my parents and it was very nice. I stuck to p3 most of the week, then tapered off by the end of the week. Amazing food and I got to read Christy in Seattles' post about restaurant food. If I wasn't loading by the end of the week I think it would have been too hard to find 'good' things over all. Everything was so yummy, but I bet it wasn't so healthy.

I also got used to going to bed by 9:30pm and waking up at 7am to rush upstairs to weigh. Don't try to weigh yourself on a ship. It's dumb. I did because of doctors orders. One day the ship was swaying enough that I couldn't get a reading at all. The little needle on the kg scale kept going 10 kg in each direction at least depending on which way the boat leaned. LOL.

My parents have the pictures and yes, it's 6:54am here so you will have to wait. I just wanted to reach out to everywone. I missed you guys so much!!

Well. I got on the scale this early morning and it said 222.2, last night it was 221.4. Sigh. I am starting to pre-load. I also didn't get in much water, I was on the plane, or waiting to leave the ship. Last thing I wanted was to have to run to the bathroom every 3 seconds. I will do better today! I did okay on the ship w/ water. Though room service sucked. I called for water every day and it took over an hour to get us a thing of water, and by then we wanted to leave the room or go to sleep. Sigh.

I am going to be a bit behind on other people's posts, I was able to catch up on 1 or two of some of your blogs!! It's good to be back. I hope to stuff myself some more to get totally sick of food!! :D Wish me luck! THis time I am doing it right! Last time I didn't do it so right I think. I have a list this time! :)

anywho. Take care everyone!

Friday, December 4, 2009

R1P3: Day 2

Weight: 216.8 lbs
Last Drop Weight: 218.4
Loss of: Gain .4
Above/Below LDW: -1.6

Well, this should be my last post for a while, unless I lick more cows. ;) Sorry Autumn, I couldn't resist. You made me laugh equally as hard when I read your comment!

I am outta here, wish me luck with keeping my weight down! I go up to the airport area today, I stay over night at the airport (hotel) so that for a morning flight I am not fighting traffic! :) Works well. You can also sleep in a little longer.

I ate:
Breakfast: 1 mushroom, sausage omelet with cheese

Lunch: Cauliflower Pizza (amazing) with 2 tomatoes cooked,reduced. Fresh tomatoes, cheese and chicken

Dinner: Taco salad: Lettuce, ground beef, hot sauce, cheese

Snack: Apple with 3 teaspoons peanut butter (no sugar), and 2 slices of cheese, It might have been 3. hmmm.

Small gain. I'll take it. I do like this bit of leaway going onto a feeding machine. Er Cruise. I do plan on working out. We will see if that happens. :P Heh. I do plan to walk a lot though. That should help!

Oh, I will take a LOT of pictures and some video as well!! :) I will share when I get back!

Bon Voyage! Have wonderful time stabilizing and maintaining, or sliding! Much luck to you all!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

quick update - milk

OMG!! I tried some more milk! NASTY! Tastes like I licked the cow first! :P blech.

R1P3: Day 1

Weight: 216.4 lbs
Last Drop Weight: 218.4
Loss of: 1
Total Loss: 67.4 lbs

Morning!!! It's cold outside. We got frost all over the place. It's beginning to look a lot like winter! :)

I feel so much better, but scared out of my mind to each anything with fat. LOL. I am going to try a sausage omelet this morning!

I am 2 lbs below my LDW (last drop weight) and I won't do a steak day. This honestly gives me a little lea way to figure out how to eat. I'm happy this is happening this way, though I know it has to be at the expense of structural fat. It will come back. :) Trust me! :) I couldn't eat much last night.

I had:
Omelet w/ mushrooms and 1 ounce of cheese
Small swig of milk (I swear I tasted the farm it came from, :P)

Chicken and broccoli w/ a small spoon of sour cream

SICK- got rid of most of lunch

Dinner: Tomato and ground beef

Snack- 2 slices of apple (Put slice of cheese back in fridge)

Today I hope for better. It does get better right? I won't be like this? Reading the hcg board I see that someone had posted if you do get extreme pain like that it's an alergy to some food. I dont' know. I think it's the prolonged withdraw of this food. Plain and simple at this point, though I say to all: Be careful adding stuff back and don't do a round more then 45 days! Take a probotic if you can! Ease into it. That pain is not worth a long round! :P

I hope I can finish resewing my brown linen pants today. Was going to do that yesterday. But ya. Today I finish packing and get my clothes nailed down. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

update - Tummy distress

lavenderdiva said it so well!! When going into p3 after having no fat for AGES you will feel the burn! The pain, the agony!

I sent for a jolly walk today and felt all of a sudden stomach pain! My gall bladder was screaming at me "WHAT THE HELL!?!?!" and then my stomach followed with "oh no, what is this, we haven't seen this in 110 days!!" and it was like 2 oz of cheese and 1 tablespoon of sour cream. I don't concider that a LOT. :P But my stomach did! OH GOSH!

I threw up lunch a couple times. I did find some releif in the bathtub w/ hot water.

So I took a probotic after I felt human again. I do feel a little better again, but I think p2 sounds just fine to me now! :) hehe.

My plan: I have about 90-80 more lbs to lose. Either I will take probotics on the diet, or I will take mini breaks after every 40 days to re acclimate my body. I suggest others do the same!! Doing long rounds might not be a happy option. I was so looking forward to the peanutbutter coconut bark I made this early afternoon to eat tonight!! Thank you Autumn's Rose for the recipe. I forgot you can add peanut butter mmmmm.

I was going to make a cauliflower pizza tonight. Forget it. I ate some apple sauce unsweetend kind and letting the husband make me a p2 chili! At least it won't be measured. That's the tipping point into p3 for me! :P

Take care all!

R1P2: T Minus 11 hours

Weight: 217.4 lbs
Loss of: .8
Total Loss: 66.4 lbs

Okay, I lost .8 last night. I know that I will go down a tiny bit if I do good. But I am starting to go for the p3 stuff already. I sort of mentally stuck myself to 48 hours and then slowly do the p3 stuff. Having an omelet today. Bad me, but you know what. I can't wait and I am STARVING!

I will do p2 mostly today w/ some p3 stuff included on a very low scale. I had an ounce of cheese last night and still lost. That was our little test to see if I am done. BING!

Yesterday I resewed my size 24 pants to fit me. Creame colored linen pants that I just love. They look good for a beginner hemmer! :) I am doing my brown ones today. So I will have 3 comfortable pants total in a Mexican cruise. YEAY!

I'm just moving forward with getting into p3. I'm scared but not. I don't want to balloon to 10 lbs more, but then you ask why am I playing w/ fire today. :P because.

Do people find that exercise helps correct any p3 mistakes? I am thinking about the cruise. I will be very active, and plan to do an 8am class every morning when at sea. I will be good on the cruise, but come on.. a cruise. you can only be so good! :P I won't over eat and I won't cheat where I know. I can't be too careful w/ stuff because then I end up eating nothing only because everything could be tainted with sugar. I will let my waiter know it's not okay for me to have sugar. Not even artificial stuff.

anyways. Off to eat some breakfast. My egg w/ mushrooms and onions! :) mmmmmm.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

R1P2: T Minus 36 hours

Weight: 218.2 lbs
Loss of: .2
Total Loss: 65.6 lbs

Woke up to 219, went back to bed for a while. I woke up way too early on my own, was very sleepy still. So I laid down for a bit and woke up to 218.2. I feel like such a cheater.

I did good yesterday, but I didn't get my 4liters in though. I was short 1 liter. I didn't think it was going to effect me as much. Oh well. I was hoping for a bigger loss.

So HELP! I calculate my 'last weigh in' which would be: 9pm took hcg, went to bed. Woke up, weighed in at 218.4 right? That is my stamp?

Then I can't eat anything untill 9pm Wednesday Night? I will most likely introduce an ounce of cheese or nonsugar peanut butter w/ my apples then. :)

I plan not to measure everything and do a Nikki. ;) What is a Nikki- Calm and collected. LIstening to our bodies to do the right thing! :) Sorry Nikki I am so impressed with how you managed well listening to your body. I think I would drive myself crazy trying to get in the right calories. Plus every website has a different calculation. site: You need 2182.9 calories per day w/o exercise. You need 2,445 calories to maintain your current weight You need 2223 calories.

So I guess they are not all over the board but still, they don't all use the same calculator. Wasn't it Christy who said, through the body bugg, that if you simply get an extra 100 calories a day, that can mean an extra pound a week or month?

My over all goal actually is not stuff my face, but to eat untill almost full. To eat slowly and take it one step at a time. That is my fat problem. I got fat not because I ate McDonalds or something, but because I would make meals for my husband and me, and if I made too much I didn't put 1/2 of it away, I wanted to clean our pot so I would take the food and split it into 2 parts. Eat up! I would take a WHOLE steak from the packaging and cut it in 1/2 for both of us to enjoy, then maybe a side of onions and a potato. My favorite meal. After I went on the diet I realized I ate 3 to 4 x's the amount of meat I should have. I had bad eating habits. I would eat so many carbs, maybe 1 to 2 proteins a week, and rarely a veggie would touch my plate, Funny thing- I LOVE veggies. I loved eating at my parents because my mom would serve 3 types of veggies. I just had a hard time making them, and they would rot in the fridge and I hated wasting money.

So my plan: To make sure to eat 1 to 2 veggie serving, 1 protein (4-6 oz?) serving per meal. No starch right now, but I want to have that as the smallest serving when I do include it. I need to find how much meat is a serving. Isn't it 4-6 oz per serving? OH. I will eat 100g of protein. Double what I am doing now.

anywho. PLEASE, ifyou have any more p3 tips let me know! I Wanna hear them all. Links are perfectly fine too!

btw: Lavendar- I go on my cruise at the end of the week. I'm not going w/ the family so I get a mini-vacation from them. I love them yes, but it's nice to get a little break. heh. A woman's week off. I don't get those. It's a gift from my parents. I go to Mexico. What is awesome is that one stop is in Mazaltan and our friends are down there that my father got to know like 10 years ago. We love them dearly. They help me improve my Spanish (they are a Mexican family, not a relocated American family) and I have learned so much about the Mexican Culture through them. Better then any history channel. I feel more in touch with mexico. I would rather go to Mexico then Canada any day if I had to 'leave the USA' hehe. :P