Friday, February 5, 2010

R2P2: Day 53

Weight: 193.8 lbs
Loss of: 1 lb today
Total Loss: 30 lb
Total over all 90

Sorry I have been gone. Numbers since I wasn't posting:
VLCD DAY, DAy, DAy, weight, Loss/gain
46 Fri 29-Jan 196.2 1.6
47 Sat 30-Jan 195.8 0.4
48 Sun 31-Jan 195.2 0.6
49 Mon 1-Feb 195.2 0
50 Tue 2-Feb 193.6 1.6
51 Wed 3-Feb 194.4 -0.8
52 Thur 4-Feb 194.8 -0.4
53 Fri 5-Feb 193.8 1

So, I have had some trouble around 200.6 but finally have gotten away from that slump. WOOT!

I have been busy with a clients website that I am trying to finish. It is harder than thought, plus I have a kid who has been pretty needy because we have a lot going on around the house. I have also been doing a lot of calling to daycare facilities and apartments. We are thinking of moving if I get work up North.

Feb is my clean out month. I will try to dump as much stuff as possible and have a cleaner home if we don't move, but also less stuff to pack if we do move.

Just a LOT going on. I haven't focused too much on the diet but it's been turned into a 'regular' thing in my life now too. Which is good so I focus less on it.

Okay. So my friends who are doing the diet have told me some stuff: 1. Hebrew Nation 97% fat free hotdogs work on this diet. they are whole beef franks. They work. It's nice to microwave them and eat them w/ some mustard.

I have also tried a mushroom. mmmmmm. my husband makes a mushroom soup to die for. Yes, not protocol food, but some have included it, I wanted a change.

I think it would be easier to stick to this diet if it was 40 days and then regular stuff. I think people should do no more then 40 days honestly. But since my doctor is having me go all the way I tend to get a bit tired of things over all. So I will add a slice of cheese once in a while because it's like I want my body to remember it has a gall bladder!! heh.

I go on vacation at the end of the month. WHich will give me a break. I will start p3 just as soon as my meds run out. :) yeay! I am looking foward to it, though I have enjoyed being smaller.

I can fit into a size 16 jean but I just stand there. heh. Can't move, but I can zip it up! I'm getting there. I am 1/2 way through this round that I was last round. I did 110 days. I'm at 53 now. It feels the same length. I guess it's that I'm thinner and i feel SO GREAT! I feel like I look so great! Now I understand why I had sat at 180 for so long, it wasn't like I was a balloon, just very curvy! :)hehe. I did have a flatish stomach at 180. But I plan to go to 123!

anyways. I need to get back to work! Talk more later, hope to post more frequently and get back into things. :P Good luck on that right? Give me till next week actually! :)