Friday, April 30, 2010

1st day off HCG

So I am doing a break.

I did 36 full days on the HHCG. I lost a total of 22.6 lbs. MY LDW: 178.
105 lbs over all.

My husband started to spiral down the cheating road, so I felt it was a good time for both of us to take a break. I was hitting my breaking point anyways. I thought it would be nice to take about a 10 day break. We will see.

My days have progressivly had bad news in them and things are just not going the way I want them to. I don't need prom dresses and roses to make my day good. I just want my life to go smoothly for a little bit.

We tried to cancel our health insurance because we pay a LOT for LITTLE. So we found out we can't. But a letter came out yesterday that said "To insure quality of our productive if you don't give us all this verification information we will drop everyone's dependants. This was not us, but the company as a whole. So this might be our 'way out' at least for me and my son.

Preschool is going well, but my son got really scared of the teach who dressed up for Pirate Day. It took him a while to realize it was just paint on her face and that everyone is okay and safe. I was suppose to be sewing bags, but I took care of my son first!
I got a call at the start of this week saying they needed a bunch of dice bags, and they should have thought of this earlier. But alas, they didn't so give us as many as you can THIS WEEK! Nice guy but I was still a BIT stressed about it.
I've been sort of unmotivated to do anything except what was needed of me this week. Iwanted it to be slow and catch up on my reading and relaxing. Hehe. I had a bunch of cleaning things on my list, plus my garden to deal with. NOTHING got done in that area.
Every time I tried to sit at my sewing machine some alarm came up. Something stopped me. WHich stressed me even more, and the moments I did have to get onto my sewing machine I was tired of dealing with the fires. :P Oh well.

This diet has been a bit of a stress, though looking back: 22 lbs in 36 days is not bad. I should happily take it. I did hem my size 14 jeans, which I did a stupid job on, I put the stitching too small, needed it bigger but oh well. I still fit into them.
I bought a couple more pants at goodwill because I JUST wanted to. I also have been buying little things here and there but we have been focusing on lowering debt. STRESS!
We have a bit of debt that we won't pay off today or tomorrow, but I feel like we should pay it off by next month. So I feel sort of lousy about it. Just all these stupid little stressers.

I realize I am not over an eating issue. I can't seem to 'stop' eating when I am done. When something tastes SO freaking good, i want to eat it all, even though my body says 'enough' and this whole diet I have been constantly 'slightly snackish' hungry. So I am feeling pretty lousy about that. I can't just be 'satisfied.'

Life is over all good and I KNOW I will get through this. I know after this week is done (Tomorrow I turn in the bags I made) I will feel like I got a bit more control back. I know the insurance thing will work out for the best. Things do happen for a reason and I am keeping my head up, though it is hard right now.

Lavender- you gave me the strength to take a break. I know my parents have started to hound me about losing my weight and STAYING on the diet till I am through. I have stopped listening to my body because of it. You made me stand up for myself personally and say "I need this break' I need to take care of myself.

I'm just tired and worn out right now. I want the sun to come out and stop coming out in the early morning to be gone by mid morning w/ drizzle. I want to sit in my backyard and read a book while my son plays in the dirt with his cars. I want the sun!

I've felt very worn out and I still have so much on my todo list, that I think sometimes knowing that the list just sits there wears me out, then I feel guilty when I don't do anything. Silly I know. I will get better. I bet things will return to normal next week!

Off to sew some more bags, or take a secret mini rest on the couch. mmmmm. hehe.
Take care and see you again soon!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

R3P2: Day 30

Weight: 180.2 lbs
Total Loss: 20
Total over all: 103.6
Lbs left to lose: 46.4

20 lbs in 30 days. Not bad. Still over the .5 average. Not too shabby, though in my perfect world I would have an average of .8 instead of .7. I'm going to be on this diet forever.

I had a slight melt down with my husband. I just want the weight gone and move forward. I want to buy more then 1 pair of goodwill jeans in my size of the day. I want to move forward. I'm into sustainability and want to get my pantry ready with things I can eat. Okay, the last part I can still do on the diet but still. I want to bake bread and such and EAT IT! I will eat bread but I want it to be homemade. I want to learn how to can. Anyways.

So listening to Lavender's advice I find myself going 'Yes to the break, but no to the 6 weeks" It was VERY helpful. I need someone to say "DO THIS!" and I get my real feelings out on the table of what I really want. I want to take a break when my husband losses his 17 lbs he has left to lose. He doesn't want to take a break before then. I don't blame him. But I would like to do p3 with him together. Support.

So, if I loss lets say an extra 10 lbs to his 17 that would leave me with 36 lbs left to lose. Maybe an extra 10 if I go to 123. :P Will this diet never end.

I LOVE this diet. I love that I am losing weight so fast and that I am getting my body normalized. But it has taken most of my life since August and I just feel like I am in clothes/life limbo. I'm always on the diet and have had various outtings that I just want to eat normal w/ everyone else. I just want to go back to 'normal' Not eating Big Macs and crap. I'm talking about normal thin me lifestyle. :) heh.

Yes, I'm doing a lot of offloading.

I feel like wow I lost 20 lbs.. and so I should only have 35 more lbs to lose, but I started at 68 lbs to lose. I started at 200 this round, and my mental mind started at 183. DUMB! So I feel like I am behind.

I almost fit into my size 14 pants, so no complaints about my physical form. I'm actually happy with the inches lost. I haven't measured w/ tape but I have measured with clothes. It's nice to dip into my mom's closet for shirts. I love that I can fit into my husband's shorts. So I have some extra clothes.

I got rid of alllllll my size 8 - 16 clothes RIGHT before this diet. It was my 'I will never be thin so I might as well get this toxic thought out of my life' and then 3 weeks later my doctor introduces me to the diet. I needed to clean house before I got the gift but it sort of sucks. I do have my prom dress and some other dresses because they were too expensive and nice to get rid of. Sigh. So I don't have 'play clothes' to fit into. I tried to find on ebay a 'lot' of size 14/12 clothes at a small price but wow.. not spending 100 bucks for 2 weeks. LOL.

Does anyone know of a site that they sell a 'box' of clothes in 1 size? Maybe I will try craigslist now that I am getting into normal sizes.

I have been playing a bit too much facebook. I am stepping away from the computer and putting that energy into inventorying my pantry, set up a todo list of how we can make our family more sustainable and make sure I have a 1-2 week reserve of water and such. There was a farm up north from me that leaked poop sludge into a local river, but not enough to shut it down. There was in Seattle a water main break that kept people out of water in the summer last year for about 2-5 days. So I just want to be minimally prepared for small stuff like that.
I want to get my garden up and running, and set up a herb garden on my window sill.
I want to take some of my big pants and make them smaller to see if that will help my mood. :) I just want to get more stuff done in my life that will benefit me other than farmville! ;) hehe. anyways. Talk to you gals all later!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

R3P2: Day 29

Weight: 180.4 lbs
Total Loss: 19.8
Total over all: 103.4
Lbs left to lose: 46.6

It's been a week, but I really didn't have much to say.
I did a big cheat this weekend but I had the best time in a long time. The issue was not the cheat, the real happiness was going out with friends. I haven't been OUT with friends in a LONG time. It was nice to sit at a restaurant and just chatter. Then we took a nice walk around downtown Olympia. Most stores were closed for evening Saturday, which surprised me, but at the same time, they were locally owned shops. Transported me back to the 80's. Nothing really was 24 hour except maybe your 7/11.

I have been doing well over all. My size 16 pants are saggy on me, and I fit TIGHTLY into my size 14. So it's at the edge. I have given up going and buying brand new jeans, so I take what I can get at Goodwill. Which in size 14 is a lot. I found a pair of 'stretchy' jeans. hehe. I thought it would speed up the process. :)
I also borrowed 5 nice shirts from my mom. The casual nice that I won't go out and buy for 3 weeks worth of wear. I have a LOT of baggy t-shirts and some work out shirts that are sexy, but they are now getting baggy, and not looking like they are 'dress up'

I came home today and wanted to dress out of my 1 pair of jeans. Well, I didn't want to jump into sweats that are 2 sizes too big so I found a pair of my husbands shorts. Since I had just recently Veet'ed my legs (like Nair for hair hair!) I slipped them on and felt sexy and comfy! :D :D :D His man size 36 that are getting too big for him. HOLD ON! NO! These are his current size. OMG! This story just got better! :)

I had a lady call me today from the place my mom sells her crafts in. Nice lady I loved talking to when I did a walk around shift there. Well. She found in the paper a 'hcg SUPER slimming program' and wanted to know more and she saw me show off my 100 lb loss. So we talked. I told her many of those programs can cost you 2k-3k dollars but it's well worth it because you WILL lose the weight. It is not a scam. BUT that you can go to my doctor and pay like 100 dollars per bottle OR her and I can talk and we can figure out how she can do it at home for like 23 a bottle! So much more affordable if you can find a friend/support group to do it with you.

I'm going to stay really good this week. I'm hovering between the 'do I take some planned 'fat' cheats to keep my body in fat supply (that is what they were saying about getting off the diet- to replenish your body? if someone has a take on this please dish it over!! :) please. ) anyways. I'm seriously thinking- do I wait for 2-3 weeks being REALLY good, no cheating, and end the round for 1 week, then get back on and continue? OR do I keep some planned 'fat' cheats and just go to the end? WHich would add on another 2-3 months.
IF I lose aprox .8 a day I could be done by mid June. Though the husband wants me to try for 120. I'm going for 133. We looked at various women my shortness. ALL the sexy ones that look healthy still, sit around 118-121. SIGH!
It's such a crap shoot at this point. I think I will just take it one day at a time, but doing it alone does pose these questions.
I do want this to eventually end. The finish line is in site. I mean... 2 more months and I can be DONE! But that is an extra 60 days on top of the almost 30 I have done.

Advice for those who have done more rounds? That have done it alone. I feel like there is more success with shorter rounds. But I don't want to wait for p4 and take 3 or 4 weeks off. ANY break I take will be 1 week of p3. Do I wait to be at the 24 lbs left to lose mark, take a 1 week break? So many options. I was thinking I would just hold till my husband is done. He has like 20 more lbs and then we go on p3 together and then I get back on after a couple weeks.

The issue also becomes- clothes. As weird as it sounds. I am not going out to buy a bunch of clothes. I took a big break when I could fit into my mother in laws pants, and shirts could be pretty baggy so I was fine. I don't want to sit in 1 pair of jeans for 3-6 weeks. LOL.
Yes, I have a lot on my mind with this. I hope there are still readers out there that can help me!

A recipe I want to try:
Roasting asparagus, and then adding them to 100g of cooked chicken and blending them. I would microwave both and blend them but I want to know what roasted asparagus would taste like converted to a soup. I will keep you posted!

Kid Front: My son is LOVING preschool. He went to the local cider mill (I went there as a kindergartner) with my mom and me. WOW was that fun! Lots of animals to feed. Then today he had Safari Day! I sewed a vest for him yesterday with left over brown fabric I had from star wars jedi costumes. (I need to resize mine) It was cute and fast to make. He really enjoyed himself today.

Tech Front: Playon is a great way to watch Netflix, Hulu and local movies on your Nintendo Wii. It's really cool. Look it up. It is a software you put on your computer and if your Nintendo Wii is hooked up to the network in your house, you can stream that information from your computer to your Wii. There is also streaming for Playstation and Xbox360, but we got the Wii. HULU on the big screen YEAY! No more big cables flowing over the couch to our laptop! YEAY clean living room not looking like a cyborg!

Take care everyone. Long Post! Congrats if you made it to the end. I wish I could give you 5 cyber cash to redeem on your favorite facebook game! ;) lol.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Update: Mental Blocks

Hey folks!

I just talked to a friend of mine who has apparently tried the hcg but can't seem to do it. I have seen others from time to time deal with the same issue: Not able to do it.

I realize that hcg works. You do the program you WILL lose weight! It will work for you on the 1st day, it will work on the 30th day! It will work round 1 and round 30. (Or I am assuming about round 30. heh)

But seriously. If you can't do it, there is a mental block going on and YOU DESERVE to rip that mental block away and heal the wound. We all deserve to be healthy mentally along with physically!

Don't delude yourself that you can't do this diet. you can, but you just might have to clean up your mental closet of it's skeletons! You might have to seek out a friend, a book or councilor (I like therapy because it's a person with some knowledge that will be there to help you specifically on your problem) but you can do it. It will be as hard as being on the diet, but come on. You will thank yourself.

I grew up having my food controlled by my mother. It wasn't out of cruelty, she ran the kitchen and she gave us breakfast, lunch and dinner. I didn't have a healthy relationship with food. I was thin and ate healthy, but my connection to food on my own terms were not there. I had training wheels. Then I was kicked out into a world to figure it out. You just 'know' how to do these things right? NO! WRONG! You don't. If you don't have a manual you can't just get into a car and just 'drive'. So I was with out a Pilot. So I ate pasta and pizza w/ a side salad. Lots of soda and started to get fatter. I landed at 180's for the next several years. Then I met my husband- family who had no real issues with food. But I went into their home like a kid in the candy store. The monitored the stuff they had. This was the first time I really hit the processed foods and candy hard. I GAINED weight.

Just never knew. I learned. I knew how to 'do the right thing' but by then I was knee deep in a 'disorder' a psychological eating problem. I hated to be left out of all food events, and I used food for love.

I saw a therapist. She helped me to become a well rounded person. I started eating right, but the weight was suborn. But I didn't feel that tie to food, that uncontrolled need to feed. I just had a messed up physical body. I would be great if I had hcg at that time. :P

So I had the mental tools to deal with eating, but not the physical ones. Now I do. I feel some issues are still there, I know about them. I work with them.

We can all do this diet. we just might need to work on the other problems that are just as big, if not bigger, than our physical problems!! We can do it! Allow yourself to heal. Allow yourself to become healthy. I don't care what you have done in your life, there is no reason why you can't look forward and create a life you want. One that is healthy, happy and kind to not only those around you but to yourself too! Why punish yourself for the REST OF YOUR LIFE for something that happened in your past? Deal with it! I mean- go to therapy, write it down, work it through, and let it go so that you can be everything you deserve to be TODAY!

R3P2: Day 21: Lost 100 lbs!!

Weight: 183.4 lbs
Total Loss: 16.8
Total over all: 100.4
Lbs left to lose: 49.6

I am taking out 'amount loss' since I don't post EVERY day. I hope people don't mind.

I had a big cheat on Saturday. Gained .8 from it. And now I am back on track. yes this hurts me by making weight loss slower. I'm okay with that mentally. I have really decided to take this diet 1 day at a time since my plans for it change.
Once I get down to my last 15 lbs (which should take about 3-4 weeks to lose) I will go totally 'clean eating' to get 3 weeks of clean eating in. I do feel strongly about that at least.

I have not been totally bad. I don't feel like a tablespoon of non-fat sour cream is like eating a candy bar.

This diet can get tiring after awhile, but that is what I get when I do long rounds, and have so much weight to lose in the first place. Don't let yourself get 150 lbs over weight! Though, I feel the people who read my blog are already hcg'ers. So we are where we are.

I know that the bottle of hcg will keep me doing good maintenance! heh. I don't ever want to go on this diet again if I can help it. It's not a feel good .. okay yes it is. It's an awesome diet where diets are concerned, but we shouldn't live our whole life on a diet!
We should make simple corrections when we see a couple pounds come on. We shouldn't let ourselves outgrow our pair of pants and dedicate the next 3 weeks to eating 500.

I love this diet. I would tell everyone about this diet, and I do when I get into conversations where I can say "I lost 100 lbs!" OH I LOST OFFICIALLY 100 lbs! hehe.

That totally opens peoples eyes. They look at that and go "WHOA!" You might not say that at 10 lbs, though 10 lbs is as hard as 100 lbs in the sceme of things. I digress. People take notice when you say "I love getting into this shirt.. to think 100 lbs ago this wouldn't be possible" I will drop those bombs when I go into a clothing store. People are just amazed. Yes it's the make up for all the times I felt like a fat social piranha or is it Peria?

I got a huge compliment this weekend. My brother in law was saying that they ordered me a t-shirt from our favorite t-shirt place: Threadless (this is the t-shirt they got me), but when they opened the packaging the shirt looked way too small for me! They were so disappointed.
I asked if I could try it on. IT FIT! IT TOTALLY FIT!!!! :) :) :) HEHEHE. I love it. I fit into a shirt that 2 guys thought was too small for me! :) Talk about the ultimate compliment! To FIT into that 'too small' shirt!

So my son goes to the cider mill tomorrow. My mom wants to come. Maybe her first trip out of the house since her shoulder surgery. She is doing well. We should have a lot of fun! I know my kid is ready to be back in preschool after the week long break- though he hasn't bugged me about it during the week long break! :)

Well. My husband and I are playing around with the idea of programing a hcg application for the Iphone. Would you buy something like that to help you track stuff? I want to know there actually might be interest out there for something like that before exploring it a bit more seriously.
Also- Wii is not Netflix able. Go to your netflix account if you have one and get a disk!!! :) WOOT! Now I don't have to buy another expensive piece of plastic. Okay, we weren't and I was watching instant on my computer. :P

Thursday, April 8, 2010

R3P2: Day 17

Weight: 185.4 lbs
Loss of: .2 lbs
Total Loss: 14.8
Total over all: 98.4
Lbs left to lose: 52.4

Morning all!

The loss has been a little slower for me, but I am ovulating, and I always grind to a halt during this time of the month. My TOM is much nicer to me then ovulation.

I am going to try to cleaner this week, I realize if I do any modification I will supplement it with items normally associated with fat. Non-fat sour cream. I think that has been our only big 'cheat'. We are going to try non-fat milk in coffee, or possibly non-fat shredded cheese with apples or in a soup. We will see.

My husband has started the diet and he already passed me. He is doing the cheats too. Do not think I am deluding myself, I know I am 'cheating' on the diet and that I could suffer from lower losses. But that hasn't been the case actually. Sometimes I feel like I have larger losses compared to my other rounds. It could be the hhcg too. It's amazing stuff that costs SO LITTLE! I am enjoying this round more than round 2.
It's gotten more fun because the husband now is on the same diet. We do things together and think together and I don't have to watch him eat something naughty and have me drool.
It's funny, we always lament the things we didn't eat during loading. I didn't eat pasta. I regret that since I didn't eat pasta during p4 either. I wish I had at least 1 plate of pasta coming up to round 2.

The thing is I gained 5 lbs because of not drinking water or something. Then my dad was saying I should start now, instead of later, to motivate me. I didn't want to add a bunch more lbs. I sort of wanted to lose the 5 lbs before p2, then I thought, but then that is sort of dieting before you start an amazing diet. huh? ya, didn't make sense, and I didn't want to gain more. So I just started w/o eating some things I really wanted to. Like pasta. Yes, a little rant.

I'm starting to be able to take the time reading your blogs. I have a lot to catch up on. I am thinking, since it feels so overwhelming to start off reading up to date stuff, and then slowly read the past blogs I haven't read. :P

Thanks for all the encouragement I am getting from everyone. Its nice to know we are not alone in this process! I always welcome any tips and advice! :)

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 5, 2010

R3P2: Day 14: Two Week mark!

Weight: 186.4 lbs
Loss of: 1.4 lbs
Total Loss: 13.8
Total over all: 97.4
Lbs left to lose: 53.4

Hello Everyone,

I was 1.4 lbs lighter on the scale. Nice. I feel like this weekend was a muddle on my weight because it was ALL OVER the place. :P I think a simple 'once on' is all I really need and move on. Take it and love it.

I'm excited. 3.4 lbs to having only 50 lbs to lose, plus having 100 lbs lost.

Today I am cleaning up my kitchen and playroom area. Boy does it need it. There is a lot of toys I need to clear out, plus the kitchen could use a good scrub. I want to find dishes and stuff to get rid of. I have a cool app on my Itouch. Home Routine- it works of the principle of FlyLady on my little device. I Love it. I focus on Kitchen and playroom (since it's our dining room area) this week. I like a clean home, but want to find a way to lessen the STUFF!

Decluttering the body, decluttering the home. I'm watching on Netflix on demand: "How to Cook Your Life" Very zen take on baking bread. I was thinking. Bread does not make us fat. It's us buying the chemical filled bread and sitting on the couch all day eating it. I think if we eat home made bread instead of going to the store to buy it we would be healthier and enjoy our bread too. Go for a walk afterward. :) Do some house work or something. Maybe turn on the music nice and loud and dance! Exercise doesn't have to be boring! and it doesn't have to take form of standing on a tread mill facing a blank wall. When I get thin enough I want to start walk training for a marathon. That would be fun. Actually, I think I would enjoy 5k. I was over 200 lbs and I still enjoyed 5k walks. You can do it at any weight as long as you don't care about 'finishing first'. Just doing it is so freeing. I need to go find them in my area again. I used to walk the one every year with my dad in his Government walk. Agency's walked together and it was totally enjoyable.

I will give you more info on how I enjoyed the documentary. I'm in the middle of it. I started it last night when the husband put our kid to sleep. It's their time to bond and I get some quiet time! WIN WIN!

Today's Recipe: Very non-p2 but enjoyable recipes (I have managed to eat it on p2 and lose, so eat at your own risk and comfort level if you do decide to play it fast and lose. You have been warned, and I can't be held accountable for your enjoyment and possible gain! hehe)

Big Serving of shredded Lettuce
Small serving of diced Tomato (you can forgo this)
TINY bit of chopped onion.
Serving of chicken cooked and crumbled up.

Non fat sour cream. Mix with a little of each: dill, garlic powder, salt, water(makes is sort of a dressing consistency)

Mix all the ingredients. You could put a little diced celery for crunch if you were going hog wild. Or leave out the lettuce and put in more diced celery for a chicken salad. You could put this eventually on a slice of bread. But that is totally p4.

It makes for a great salad that tastes so refreshing. I have managed to lose well after eating this during a good day. You don't have to use so much sour cream, and mix it to your taste consistency with water for more dressing, but not more sour cream. Add any other seasonings you find yummy. My mother has done a dill, sour cream, vinegar dressing, but I can post that another time.

Have a wonderful day and I hope your weather is nicer then ours. I am ready for at least a day of sun!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

R3P2: Day 13

Weight: 187.8 lbs
Loss of: gain lbs
Total Loss: 12.4
Total over all: 96
Lbs left to lose: 54.8

Whoa. I had a pretty big gain the other day. I tend to do that when I come into ovulation. It is like a TOM. That seems to be MY TOM. :P I also could have just been seeing some gain possibly from not eating 100% clean, but I have had such great losses through out not eating 100% clean that I don't want to simply be pointing a finger. Oh, to boot- my scale has been a little ... weird... lately. I don't understand why it's acting up. I weight 3 times today and it gave me different answers. Makes me also question that one gain. I used to only weigh once in the morning. I'm going back to that.... I hope. :)

I hope everyone had a great Easter! It was miserable weather up here. SIGH. It really didn't put me in the celebration mood. We went to inlaws, and my parents. We had a roast and red cabbage w/ my parents. p2 friendly! This is their Sunday dinners normally. Hubby asked "Hey, we should do that at home.. how easy it is?" Easy my mom says because it's a slow cooker thing, and I have a small slow cooker, I don't have to bring out my 'feeds 100' cooker. :)

Honestly- I will be happy when I am all done w/ the diet because then I can go back to eating normal and try all new healthy things,and do a french one pot or something. I watched Julie/Julia. WHAT a great movie it was!! Netflix on demand. Just started it on my computer, pulled up a couch section and snuggled in a blanket. It was nice. Very very nice. It was one of those chick flicks you just watch and enjoy. Nothing heavy, nothing fancy or riviting. Doesn't get your blood going or make these big climax moments where your stressing out a little if the character is going to make it. Just a simple home fries movie! :) I really enjoyed watching the story unfold and not feeling it has to have this 'big "oh my" moment'

yes it is about food. Down side when your on the hcg diet. Some amazing dishes were made that I was like "I WANT TO TRY IT!" but I did put the Julia Child cookbook on my wish list. She really gave me some hope that I can do something with my cooking fantasy. Maybe I will go to a cooking school in the area or something. I love to cook, and my love for cooking made the hcg diet a good challenge. I honestly feel that the stuff we are given strips away the cheating. We can't open a can, or cook from a box. It forces us to use spices that we might never try. Learn that you can make 20 dishes from tomatoes and chicken and not get the same dish twice. And each dish is going to be fresh and amazing!

I want to make a little hcg cookbook from the stuff I have learned, but at the same time I think with all the new options I just want to make a fun cook book with healthy foods. Add some p3 stuff. Or just create another 'fast and healthy' cookbook. :) heh. anyways. I find food amazing. It nourishes us. It tastes good most of the time. The good healthy stuff reallly tastes good. It can be made a dozen ways, and it doesn't have to take forever to bring something to the table.
I have made a menu I want to make for my parents. I made some of the dishes. But I have put together a 5 course p2 friendly menu. Using various p2 recipes, I can put a really fun meal together. I love making 5 course meals. I made one for 6 of my close friends. It was SO MUCH FUN! I am not a 'every day' cooker. I'm a 'show off cook' I would say. I love to make food and watch people enjoy them. I want to find flavor combos that will knock your socks off. I want to find new ways of putting two things together and you say "wow, and this tastes amazing too" I love testing stuff on my parents. I have made fun desserts from something in the pantry, but still looked very gourmet. So much fun.

Today was good. Dreary weather I am ready to say goodbye too. Please just rain to fill up our reservoirs and lakes, but then knock it off and give us some sun!! :)

Right now I'm a bit peckish after eating some extra lettuce to ward off the munchies, not working. So I am in that 'this is hard.. so hard... I can't wait for it to be done' mood right now. I know if I eat my apple, I will be fine. I should have saved some protein though to go with the apple. Pity Party. I think I will go dive into my Netflix account and find another good movie to watch! :)

btw: For all you Iphone/Itouch users out there. Something I found out today- you can go to NBC's website on the device and watch your show!! I have several things like Parenthood (pretty decent show) and watch when I am somewhere with WiFi! :) WOOT!

Have a good one!

Friday, April 2, 2010

R3P2: Day 11

Weight: 187.4 lbs
Loss of: 2 lbs
Total Loss: 12.8
Total over all: 96.4
Lbs left to lose: 54.4

Today I am a bit tired. Still happy, but hit a nap attack. Today is very stormy outside, windy and more wind on the way. I have put the heat up a bit, plus turned off all lights and non-essencial stuff till we get through this storm. We have a box up the street that you can breath too hard on and it will pop! :P Last time it took them 9 hours to fix it. I want to be prepared. We can go over to family, but I want to be prepared for at least 2-3 hours of warmth!

I'm excited that I lost 2 lbs. I did a bit of dancing with my son and ate well. The non-fat sour cream seems to be work fine still in my diet. I had an awesome taco salad with beef.

I simple take salad, some tomatoes and tiny tiny bit of onions. Then mix it up with sour cream (nonfat), a protein-chicken or beef, and some hot sauce that is p2 okay. Oh MY does that taste awesome!

We had a great time yesterday. I love how my son is having fun at preschool. I love how relaxed I have become in this diet as well. It has become an old friend visiting me. Getting situated with how it's going to work, but then just enjoying it.

I think I am going to crash a little on the couch and watch tv. heh. Actually I think I will crash on the couch and read a book I have been waiting for from the library. I was like 25 on the wait list. :P I want to read it now. So I think I will do that.
Isn't it intersting- it's more acceptable to say "I'm going to read on the couch now" then "I'm going to watch tv on the couch now" hehe. Though I will actually learn more in the book, but I have been cleaning all morning so I think I also deserve some brain off time. LOL.

My son also has got the whole potty training down. He does wear a diaper at bedtime, but one thing at a time. He wakes up, potties on the big potty upstairs. He does so well on it, I have removed the small potty downstairs so I don't have to always clean it up. So now he does his business and just flushes. WOOT! :) He hasn't complained about it. This has been an amazingly easy process. I'm so happy. I know other's who haven't had it that easy, or took more time to get their kids to go. I just let him figure it out. Not that I wasn't part of it, I just let him listen to his own body, and let him know the proper response to those feelings. I have to go, so we go in this room and sit here to go instead of a diaper or on the floor! :)

No matter how deary the day is, a smile makes the world shine around you!

Autism Awareness Day!

I have turned my blog blue for the rest of April to bring awareness to Autism!

I also put a side post to the right to remind people about the awareness. Please do the same for this month if you can! :)


Thursday, April 1, 2010

R3P2: Day 10

Weight: 189.4 lbs
Loss of: 1.6 lbs
Total Loss: 10.8
Total over all: 94.4
Lbs left to lose: 56.4

WOOT! I'm out of the 190's! Barely, but I am. I feel SO much better in my size 16 pants. It's a different company. I was going to one store and getting the next size down, but since I will go down so quickly I just went to goodwill and picked up some pants to get me through the next 2 weeks. :) I should now go every 2 weeks through a size. I HOPE! lol.

I'm happy. I have gotten through the first 3 days of the 'I'm miserable' Phase. I really feel GOOD on the protocol. I feel like I can do this for the long haul, at least right now. So I love it.

I feel totally free. I looked at myself in the mirror, and what I saw back made me smile. Thinking of how I looked at 283, and to have lost almost a 100 lbs. Even at 190 I feel SO MUCH better. I feel like this weight has been lifted from me. (HEHE- SINCE IT HAS!) I just feel free.
Not only am I lighter, I look better, but I feel great going into a grocery store and not feeling like 1000's of people are pointing at me. I might get a look for a positive way. heh. I can move through smaller areas, I have friends who give me positive reinforcement. I went to a friends store to play a game, and I won a t-shirt. It was x-large. I asked if they had a smaller size. They didn't, but I found out that the owner, my friend, told another friend who works for her that she was tickled that I asked that question. :) It's nice when your friends are proud of you. They see the great change you made, and maybe that makes them think twice before splurging themselves with unhealthy food.
I am so proud of my 2 friends who have both lost almost 100 lbs themselves. Not only are they thinner, they have influenced the one guys husband to cook better. He doesn't make a lot from boxes, he switched to fresher things, and find things in the store that are better for you. It's awesome!

Read this totally awesomely inspirational story: Mississippi gets skinner!
It's totally awesome to see that happen, especially the law makers.

Everyone have a wonderful day! There was an Easter Celebration at my son's preschool. He came home with a self made (w/ help of teacher) basket. Had colored eggs, colored eggs on paper. And had an Easter egg hunt. TOTALLY awesome! :)

Till next time! :) Smile, The world always looks brighter from behind a smile! :)