Wednesday, June 2, 2010

R4P3: Day 8

Weight: 175.4 lbs
LDW: 173.8

I was down to 174.2, went up yesterday to 176, then down to 175.2

I have TOM, then monday I started a head cold, taking Umka and cleaning my nose with the netti pot. I have to say, I have a more productive nasal passage. Heh. I'm plugging along and trying to figure things out for myself. Thinking of things that are important to me and how I want to make sure to keep the weight off for life and not rely on hcg or anything else as a misplaced crutch.

We are not perfect and we shouldn't expect ourselves to be. So the worse thing we can do is make a mistake and then beat ourselves up over it. Enjoy every morsel of food we put in our mouth, and if we make a mistake, then instead of hitting the ice cream, just find a balance food to eat to weigh it out. And if we enjoy that glass of wine or scoop of ice cream we won't feel so horrible. Nothing worse than eating something and feeling bad while eating it. Then why bother eating it.

I believe in planned cheats. I'm going to enjoy a scoop of naughty ice cream tonight and I am going to savor every bit of it. In fact I'm going to be the healthiest ice cream I can that is top quality because I don't get a lot, so it better be full of taste and not processed. Then it's a little less of a cheat, you enjoy more of it even if there is less mass. Also if you plan it, your less apt to go out and just cheat because you have something else to look forward to that is top notch quality. Instead of giving into your friends bar of crap chocolate, you have HIGH Quality stuff waiting at home for you to enjoy tonight. Sit in a corner and just savor the food. Don't try to eat it in 20 seconds flat. Don't try to be disrupted with talk or tv. We are feeding our soul and it becomes less about binging and feeling like crap and more about taking a moment out to enjoy the finer foods in life.

I haven't really enjoyed ice cream lately. I LOVE ice cream. I also love chocolate. So I have allowed myself 1 square of chocolate every once in a while. I bite off a piece of 72% Twilight chocolate by Ghirardelli. I am not sure if they are a eco-friendly chocolate company so I might switch chocolates, but this is a good brand of chocolate. I let the chocolate melt in my mouth and just sit and savor. I feel renewed afterwards instead of crappy.

Find a food you love and would normally cheat on. Find a serving size. maybe 2 tablespoons. Then sit and REALLY enjoy it. Let it fill your soul. I want to be realistic that we can't allow these foods to leave our lives because we might jump into a vat of it the next time we see it. Some foods you might have to get away from for health reasons. But those foods that you love. Make it a planned enjoyed thing that you can temper and look forward to. Not be controlled by!!!

What is your favorite naughty treat? And how do you plan to enjoy it with out it controlling you?