Sunday, October 24, 2010

A sunday afternoon


It’s been a while and seems that when not on the diet, I don’t do as much posting. Which is funny since I am in love with writing. I am going to try to take part of the November Writing contest.

I love to walk, I love to write. I love to enjoy life as much as possible. I Love to better myself as a person. So let me find a theme for today! :)

I’m doing good though. I am walking. Did about 10 miles this week but should have taken a break since I did the 5k. I think I posted something on that. I’m all mixed up. Life is mixed up and then it calms down enough to sit and write about it. Heh.

It looks like we are on day 15th: Authentic Success.

Cute “We must all pay with the current coin of life For the honey that we taste.” – Rachel Blumestein.

When I think of Authentic Success I think of the idea of authentic being real, honest and meaningful to ourselves. When we accomplish something for other’s it really isn’t authentic. I think once we feel comfortable enough to be honest, we can truly live authentic. Why are you really losing weight? If you are happy with your current weight, why lose more? Why gain more? What are OUR goals? I think we have so many obligations to our family, to our friends and to the world. To our perceived expectations. I Think that is the hardest part. We can say “oh, my mom wants me to lose weight’ and be able to recognize it as ‘that goal’ outside of ourselves, but what about after your mom passes away and it’s in your soul. How do you know if this is a goal you want to do, or you think your parents wanted for you? That it’s some sort of self imposed expectation. I want to be size 2 because that is what the world wants and I would be accepted more? I mean for god sakes people- there are plenty of clothes in size 4 that would look good.  But if it’s a true “I feel bloated and just feel BETTER in a size 2 because that is the weight your body wants to be at, that would be authentic. That is your mind listening to your body and what it needs.


  1. I quit smoking when I was pregnant and I did so saying it was because even though I wanted a cigarette, my son did not. That kind of motivation worked for me, however I really wanted to quit for myself long before I was pregnant. That was the motivation I needed to finally stop once and for all. I refused to hurt my baby that way. Ultimately though, the major changes we make must be for ourselves or they won't stick.

    I wanted to lose weight because I was a heart attack waiting to happen, and I didn't recognize myself in the mirror anymore. This was all for me. To be honest, it's weird getting the attention again that I'm getting. Men follow me in stores. Everyone is nicer to me. These aren't reasons I lost the weight though. In fact, these things just make me sad, especially the fact that everyone is nicer to me. To be ignored because of weight is a sad, sad thing to me.

  2. Steffi you always manage to have such pearls of wisdom in your posts! This one really resonated with me. In January I'm going to get back on protocol, and lose this weight once and for all, for me! I've been holding onto this weight for a number of reasons, but it's beyond time to let it go and start living my life again.

    Thank you for always hitting the nail on the head-